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Our world has become smaller and closer due to the revolutionary invention called the “internet”. Years before, the businesses were reluctant to offer flexibility to their employees. They had their doubts about productivity, technical issues, and managing work-life balance. However, remote work still existed in the form of freelancing. Some chose it over full-time and some chose it as their second income.

This opened opportunities for freelancers and outsourcing became a regular business practice. As every coin has two sides, the freelancing industry has its own risks. Hence, employees or employers preferred full-time employment over freelancing. On the contrary, the pandemic has changed our perspective. The best method to grow the businesses was remote work.

It helped unlock the potential of remote work. Full-time employees accepted that job security is no longer guaranteed. Businesses realized it is possible to deliver the projects and they can also trust people working from home. The freelancing industry is rapidly growing due to technology.

Does that mean the risks involved have been reduced? NO, they still remain the same! Now that freelancing is rising and evolving, it is critical to mitigating these risks as more and more freelancers are joining and businesses are interested in outsourcing. It is evident that freelancing is the future. Let’s understand a bit more about it.

Now we know what lies in the future for the freelancing industry. And UpTecHunt is one of a kind platform that is determined to introduce top-notch freelancers and the right clients. We are the future of freelancing. Check out our services to find out why UpTecHunt is the future.

Find the right talent

While there are many freelancing platforms available with loads of freelancers, as a client UpTecHunt understands how effortful it would be to hire a freelancer. Our research says clients fear the credibility, reliability, and efficiency of the freelancer. It is overwhelming to ensure that the potential candidate  

  • Has the right skills
  • Is professional 
  • Is efficient
  • Is reliable and
  • Delivers the project on time

In the virtual world, all you can see is the profile and connect on video-call software. We thought why not build a platform where we have already shortlisted as well as verified the best ones for you. Imagine how convenient it is to choose among the top 10% of our highly skilled freelancers. Just pick the BEST OUT OF THE BEST!

Monetary benefits

Both clients and freelancers face challenges and get exploited in this industry. We have tried to capture some of the major ones.

Challenges facedClientsFreelancers
High Service Fees
Costly subscription System
Ambiguous Payment System
Very Low Rates
Irregular Payment Schedule
Work Delivered, No Wages Paid
Half Payment Made, Partial Work Delivered

Due to the above reasons, both the parties feel demoralized and lose faith in the system. This is where we bridge the gap, UTH would make sure you are treated with respect and fairness. We have done the job for you to list legitimate freelancers and clients. You can rest assured about the payment system. 

Flexibility – Work from anywhere

Although freelancing means self-employment and allows one to work remotely, there are some contracting jobs that might demand in-person meetings. UTH will give you 100% flexibility to work from anywhere and any part of the world. More flexibility, more access to diverse talent. You get to schedule your day in your way. The youth generation loves to work in this fashion where they can work on their own terms. With just a click away, they can share their work with the team. The time of both parties is valued. When the time is valued, work is delivered with better quality.

Access to diverse talent

Our highly skilled top 10% of freelancers are from different backgrounds and bring a range of skills to the table. Exposure to diverse talent means exposure to the international market. More the exposure, more the chances of having to access to skilled professionals. With diverse talent comes different cultures, more learning opportunities, and being able to network at a global level. Who would have thought that one day working from home would open up opportunities to the world? UTH is designed in a way that it is convenient and opportunistic at the same time.

Gradually, the world is moving to freelance. Freelancing is the future and the future of freelancing is UpTecHunt. As the industry is growing, we have mitigated the risks of the current freelance industry. The platform has been built considering your pain points. Help us to grow more and serve you the best. To know more about us, visit,

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