The Future Of App Creation With Swipecart, A Powerful No-Code App Builder

Mobile apps are the future of e-commerce, we mean, m-commerce. And why not, when mobile apps could generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023! And before the immensity of the figures sinks in, we’ll tell you that 3.8 trillion hours were spent on mobile apps in 2021. Wait, there’s more to add here.

Adult smartphone users spend nearly 4 hours a day on their mobile and 88% of this time is spent in mobile apps rather than a mobile browser. Most users have more than 80 apps installed on their phones. We surely didn’t believe this fact. We asked 10 random people in our enterprise to give us a quick count of apps installed on their mobile devices. And all had it in the range of 100-120. Do this on your device and tell us your count!

Clearly, mobile apps are the future. But, even today, many businesses do not have a mobile app. Why? What then is the pain point for businesses to have a mobile app? After knowing the above statistics, it doesn’t make sense to say that they don’t feel the need to have one. Money? Cost? Time? Skilled resources? Yes. When you build a mobile app from scratch.

But with mobile app builders, it isn’t so. You can complete creating your app in minutes and that too at a fraction of the cost. And you don’t need coding skills to build one. No-code app builder such as Swipecart come with an easy editing tool to drag and drop elements inside layouts. It’s possible to add advanced features and customize mobile apps when using Swipecart.

What are the features offered by no-code app builders?

Creating mobile apps with a no-code app builder like Swipecart is easy. It is available as a plugin on WordPress. Businesses having their e-commerce store on WordPress (WooCommerce) have to install the Swipecart plugin and activate it. They are directly taken inside a dashboard to start with theme selection and laying elements inside the layout with an easy drag and drop editor. The product data is directly taken from the website and synced to the mobile app. The final step is its deployment in the App Store/Play Store.

Let’s have a look at features offered by Swipecart-

Easy drag and drop editor

Swipecart has a drag-and-drop tool to easily place elements inside the selected theme layout. The theme layout and the element designs are customizable.  

Real-time preview

You have to simply drag and drop elements inside the app layout and the changes are easily accessible with a real-time preview.

Real-time sync

All the changes in features and functions you make are synced in real-time and are reflected immediately on your mobile app.

Visitor tracking

Track visitor activities across the app to know their behavior and intentions. Deliver high-quality content based on these analytics.

Push notifications

Reach your audience on their mobile device directly through push messages without having to depend on costly ads.

User segmentation

Create user lists based on their interactions, demographics, browsing patterns, and more. Use this to send personalized push notifications to get higher conversions.

Workflow automation

Create auto triggers as a response to user actions on the app. Pre-schedule a push notification or email and automate the user engagement process.

Abandoned push cart notification

Send cart alerts to users who have left without buying. Create personalized messages and schedule alerts to send notifications.


Track user interactions within the app such as feedback, audience demographic, session length, and others to analyze information.

Fast checkout

Save client shipping and payment information for customers to complete their checkout process easily and fast.

AI product recommendation

AI in Swipecart analyzes users’ intent and recommends products to increase conversions.

Push notification analytics

Get complete analytics of push notifications like the open rate, click-through rate, number of people who opted out of push alerts, and so on.

Standard Integrations

Integrate all your favorite plugins into your mobile app to help you increase user engagement and conversions.

Indeed, mobile app builders offer advanced features and a high amount of customization. It is perfect for all business types to get a mobile app created from their e-commerce store in a few clicks.  

When to use mobile app builders?

With drag & drop app builders, you can build e-commerce apps easily and fast. From startups and small businesses to big enterprises, Swipecart works fine for all use cases. 

If your product is the highlight:

There are products that stand out despite the intense competition. Such businesses will have a basic e-commerce store to cater to online customers. The product becomes the highlight of such a website. Having a mobile app is helpful in such cases as it helps you to connect with your customers on a one-to-one level. With a good drag & drop app builder such as Swipecart, you easily build an app from your existing store. You add features to help you market the product to the customers in a personalized way.  

Your product range is small or you have a niche audience:

Some businesses find a niche instead of trying to diversify into a broad range. They sell fewer products but are specialized in them. Such businesses have a specific audience and may need a simple cross-platform mobile app with enough features. Swipecart is the best solution as it saves time, money, and effort. You can select a plan of your choice depending on the features you want in the app.  

You sell multiple products related to each other:

At first, businesses start small. They then keep adding related products to their list because it’s easy for them to sell products as a bundle at attractive prices. This concept of cross-selling or upselling not only increases sales for businesses but also acts as a one-stop-shop for customers. For such businesses, a mobile app comes in handy. They can easily integrate the upsell and cross-sell features in the app and offer combo products at discounted prices or reward app points for the purchase to their loyal customers. With Swipecart, a no-code app builder, adding the upsell and cross-sell features including the loyalty referral program is a cakewalk. Its AI-based product recommendation feature analyzes users’ intent and recommends products to them increasing the chances of them going for big-ticket purchases.

You sell products that users buy on a recurring basis:

Some customers keep buying the same stuff from an online store repeatedly, more so in the case of B2B businesses. Such customers have searched for a specific product everywhere and zeroed in on your store. They have already become your loyal customers and are more likely to buy from you in the future. A loyalty program with rewards or points for each repeat purchase makes them stick around without going to your competitors. Such businesses need a mobile app that incorporates personalization features and a loyalty program for recurring customers. With Swipecart, a drag and drop app builder, advanced features for personalization can be easily integrated into the app. Moreover, it offers analytics to segment users based on their frequency of purchase so that you know what customers to target and with what degree of personalization.              

Small businesses and startups:

Businesses that have just started or small businesses do not have the resources to build an exclusive mobile app. In fact, many such businesses look for easy options so that they can focus on selling products and increasing brand awareness instead of devoting time to building an app. Moreover, building mobile apps from scratch takes time and startups cannot wait for months for the app to be functional. Swipecart, a no-code app builder, is an excellent option for startups and small businesses as their mobile apps can be introduced to customers at the initial stages of brand awareness to increase conversions.

Large businesses:

Large businesses have an already established e-commerce store. Now imagine building a mobile app from scratch! Agreed, they have financial resources to do it but having to go through the same process of building it from start to end is time-consuming and makes no sense when drag & drop app builder can do the same for you. If you’re talking about custom features and layouts, even Swipecart provides you the flexibility to do the same. And yes, it provides features to scale your app for the future.

Final Thoughts

It’s a myth that a mobile app builder cannot provide the same level of customization as building apps from the scratch. Science and technology have always believed in automation and innovations and Swipecart is a perfect example of it. The same was the case with websites. First, websites had to be painstakingly coded line by line. But with the introduction of WordPress, Shopify, and a host of other website-building platforms, creating an e-commerce store became simpler and faster. Swipecart and other no-code app builders are that transitions for mobile app creation. Does your business have an app? If not, try Swipecart.

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