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“Predicting the future isn’t magic, it’s artificial intelligence.”

Dave Waters

Sheer Intelligence is taking over places with technology overpowering the scale of operations across industries. Artificial Intelligence as a clever technology has been impacting diverse sectors of the world economy over the past decades. AI marketing utilizes artificial intelligence technologies to make automated decisions based on the collection of data, its analysis, and added observations of economic trends that leave an impact on marketing efforts. 

Nothing is magic; when it concerns artificially managed systems working wonders for diversified industries at large. AI is often induced in digital marketing efforts where speed is essential. Artificial Intelligence has become the means and the end to many worldly activities, involving making key business growth decisions to strengthen consumer-business ties. AI marketing tools are leveraging highest benefits by automating large-scale mundane tasks. It eventually helps leaders to shift their focus to utilize their resources in areas of planning and innovative creations. 

The recent example of innovative AI skills in marketing could be envisioned impacting your day-to-day experience with your favorite content streaming service provider, Netflix. As is evident in today’s age, user experience is of prime significance. To earn brownies on that front, Netflix uses AI-driven machine learning technology that focuses on providing personalized content recommendations based on past preferences. You’d be amazed to learn that over 80% of the shows that people watch on Netflix are based on their recommendation platform. Likewise, Sephora Chatbots and Starbucks use predictive analytics to serve personalized recommendations, and consumer goods brand Unilever uses AI data centers across the globe to synthesize insights from a range of sources, including social listening, CRM, and traditional marketing research. These are just a few of the big brands utilizing AI to their benefit and for the larger good.

Broadly, AI Marketing Use cases are widespread, listed below are a few of the most popular contexts around the world:

  • Data Analysis
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Media Buying
  • Automated decision-making
  • Content generation
  • Real-time personalization
  • Public relations
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising

AI Marketing and Roles Prerequisites:

One-to-one personalization at a larger scale is not just conceivable but also needs marketing geniuses to tackle tricky situations and understand the capabilities of AI-driven platforms, to draw useful insights. AI specialists, backed with credible AI certification programs such as certifications MIT, Stanford, Harvard, USAII, Columbia, etc., are the ones who are deemed appropriate for handling sticky situations and open doors to contextual and personally relevant engagement. This is sure to scale the user experience manifold; in turn, proving beneficial for the business’s future life cycle. This mass application fosters the diversification of roles and responsibilities of marketers. As any company goes through the ongoing process of developing an AI-with-data culture, it is key to enable already experts in their particular field, to upskill and understand the importance of evolving technology.

AI Marketing- A key Differentiator:

The future of marketing has already arrived. The modern marketing checklist places the consumer at the core of its operations. It is data-driven to adapt and react to changing consumer preferences in real-time. The good news is that the AI marketers who are deploying AI marketing tools into practice; are the ones who are delivering exponential accuracy and better results, positively impacting the bottom lines.

AI Marketing Predictions and Trends:

While Certified AI professionals are on the go to making an amplified newer stride in the marketing space, these also promise exemplary growth in popularity shortly. The following trends in AI are key for marketers to make this technology big in the years to follow:

  • AI is predicted to bloom by the beginning of 2023. AI will replace about 33% of data analysts in the realm of marketing and over 40% of data science tasks will be automated.
  • Marketing teams will scale through Artificial Intelligence as teams will be able to leverage AI marketing solutions to drive higher ROI and value addition targets; thereby targeting funds towards successful campaigns.
  • As per Gartner, a big shift in Marketing leaders would be experienced, with the ones who utilize AI Marketing tool

As the AI landscape evolves with the passing years, it is evident that it is here to stay and the time is ripe to deploy maximum AI efforts into Marketing tactics. The year 2023 and beyond forecasts a season filled with escalated growth of AI intervention into the processes beyond marketing. Begin right with the future-proof AI certification programs today!

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