The future of Automotive technology that is going to happen

As a car lovers like us, Staying up-to-date with the latest trends in automotive technology is something we shouldn’t miss. Together, right? For the changing world, what new technology has come into the development of automobile technology in this era is called a leap. Not stopping at all It’s fun to just close your eyes and think. As we’ve seen in sci-fi movies, the world of cars in really advanced movies makes the world seem closer to “technology” . categorical Because there are many more challenging things in this world! The kind that is an innovative automotive that shakes the world at all.

Many media predict that The era of gasoline-powered cars will be over in the future. And electric cars will be more popular.Called as a current car technology news that is quite interesting to watch. When major companies and many car manufacturers Start innovating and continue to produce electric cars! New innovations that the world must write in the years 2040 -2050 ,

while many media believe that “Driverless cars” will awaken a new trend in the automotive industry of the future. and will respond to the needs of the new generation in the midst of global automotive business competition

Modern automotive technology that we will see in future

Because the cost of producing batteries is going to decrease. causing the price of electric trains to be lower than the price of petrol Therefore, it is not surprising that in the future there will be more opportunities to expand investment. For the future car of the 2040s, it will be full of modernity and convenience. There may be a variety of functions, such as a car screen. at clear, detailed images Or can adjust the style of sitting together comfortably.

Seeing that in 2045 there will be technology . Modern vehicles are used more than ever, such as:

  • Using the fingerprint sensor system or the iris scan system instead of using the car key to open the car 
  • touch screen window

It can be seen that it is not only a driverless car, but also a “smart car”  that responds to convenience. Comprehensive comfort as well

Near the end of the era of petrol cars

And for the year 2050 is expected to be “the end of the era of petrol cars” , many countries are waking up to using electric cars, because it is a renewable resource easy to use And it plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are a problem of global warming as well as reducing air pollution as well However, we also need to prepare enough fuel for charging the battery as well.

Although the invention of electric power But many Thai car businesses It may be modified to more modern automotive technology, and try to understand customers towards Thai cars I believe that Thai people can definitely do it. However, electric cars won’t be a big busine. It’s just an alternative car that is convenient for a few households. And there may be a system planning more clearly than ever.

What is driverless vehicle technology?

The year 2040-2050 is coming up. It is said that driverless vehicle technology will be very strong. Which such car technology is  Autonomous Car”  is a hot technology in the future. Driving will calculate the internal system can prevent accidents on the road. And it has to be tested enough to see if the car is capable of operating safely without a driver.

5 benefits of modern automotive technology

1. Help reduce road accidents

The calculation of the internal system will be automated if modern automotive technology is used. It will help reduce accidents caused by negligence able to respond quickly to surroundings make driving safe causing no need to waste assets by reason

. 2. Reduce global warming.

Using electricity instead of oil will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and does not cause global warming In addition, the production of electricity from fuel is also environmentally friendly. can actually be brought back to use when we inhale the air It will not harm the body as well.

3. Help facilitate.

For the hectic daily commute of a child, an elderly person or a disabled person, it can be difficult. If there is no automatic car to help, so when bringing technology to facilitate It will help make their lives easier as ever.

4. Reduce the risk of criminal cases.

The car will move on its own. Don’t have to worry about accidents caused by negligence that will injure others. Or death.

5. The cost of electricity is cheaper than oil.

The market for oil is likely to increase even further in the future. But while the electricity will be cheaper. No need to refuel with high prices resulting in cost savings many times

Disadvantages of driverless vehicle technology

Everything in this world is not only good. There will be disadvantages as well. But some disadvantages may be improved in the future which we will divide the disadvantages Came out as follows.

1. The price of the car is quite high.

Electric car must use high-efficiency production As a result, such cars are very expensive, such as the Tesla Model S, which costs more than 2 million baht, or even the cheapest car like the Nissan Leaf, which has a starting price in the US as high as 1 million baht.

2. The distance is limited.

Traveling in an automated car It must use electric power to work. and electric vehicles that have limited battery capacity It may not travel very far. Will have to look for a place to charge the battery all the time. Or use it the wrong way, it may cause the car to jam. And damage as well

3. Not always suitable for everyone.

The advantages of electric cars are environmentally friendly. But it would be a few options for service users anyway. For many reasons and limitations such as limited battery usage. Have to keep charging enough when traveling long distances. or technology systems that are too advanced until unable to understand the actual use.

4. Still unclear in safety

From the foregoing, electric cars can actually help reduce road accidents. But I must say that The safety aspect is not very clear. Because the operating system of electric cars is quite complicated. How can we be sure? that some people will produce quality electric cars and safe to use For the past case, there has been a test drive of an electric car Tesla. and then collided with the robot humanoid untildamaged, therefore it is necessary to verify the origin of and various working systems Or if you want to buy in the future, you have to decide whether it can actually be used in our homes, right? If we travel long distances or leave the air conditioner on for a long time It may cause the battery to run out of the car and the more we do not know how to repair. It may cause harm as well. Until in the future it will be tested to be sure that self-driving cars can really move safely. 

If the technology Modern vehicles come into use. It will make your daily life change. Especially it will help facilitate the new generation. However, it would be a matter of the future as well. No matter how far advanced technology has gone Negligence is still something that we all should always be on the lookout for.  Having good car insurance is always a necessity Help cover the care of your beloved car. 

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Muneer Majahed Lyati is a successful mechanical engineer who plays an essential role in advancing the automotive industry. Due to his expertise in engines and vehicles, the trained engineer has effectively trained fresher’s keen on a comparative profession.

Muneer is an excellent mechanical engineer who made significant reforms in the automotive industry. Because of his vehicle experience, the trained engineer can train freshers to be keen on a comparative profession effectively.

Muneer Lyati might is one of the best mechanical engineer generally known for his beautiful works inside the auto business. His ability in autos and their motors have made him one among the chief unmistakable men inside the auto business. Muneer Lyati has got his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineer from Jeddah College of Technology.

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