QNET: The Growth and Impact of an Asian Direct Selling Pioneer

QNET is a direct selling company founded by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph ‘Japa’ Bismark in 1998. Over the past two decades, it’s provided customers worldwide with unique, extraordinary products and services. In addition, it allows independent representatives to build a legitimate sales business based on promoting these high-quality products. 

“We have hundreds of success stories from people who have transformed their lives with QNET,” confirms CEO Malou Caluza. Those accomplishments are because the company provides a platform for distributors to help elevate lives through solutions that empower entrepreneurship. In other words, direct selling can and often does enhance one’s way of life. “Our platform seamlessly integrates sales with digital payments, a virtual office with the latest business tools, and a dashboard to monitor sales performance, giving aspiring entrepreneurs everything they need to start their business,” explains a spokesperson.  

What Is Direct Selling?

Direct selling is a growing industry that provides companies a channel that’s different from traditional retail locations for the sale and distribution of services and products directly to customers. “The rise of the emerging middle-class market, technological innovations, and a relaxing of restrictions on capitalism has triggered a major growth in this industry,” says the spokesperson. “As more people begin to discover the benefits of a market-based economy, entrepreneurism has flourished.” 

The COVID–19 pandemic has given direct sales a boost; the direct selling sales force now numbers 125.4 million independent distributors worldwide. 

“In many ways, direct selling makes perfect sense during the pandemic. Consumers need many of the products sold by this industry more than ever before. For those suffering from job displacement and other cutbacks direct selling offers a relatively attractive career prospect or opportunity for supplemental income.” says Caluza.

QNET’s Experiencing Global Growth

QNET only offered two products when it started in 1998. Today, the direct sales company offers a vast range of products in the categories of education, travel, health, and wellness. It’s headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. “Our vision is to be the global e-commerce leader within the direct selling industry, leveraging this position so as to be a positive influencer in the development of sustainable and professional network marketing communities around the world,” says the spokesperson.

The company’s success can be traced back to its independent representatives providing the perfect product to fill a need in the customer’s life. Distributors have had great success with product lines like HomePure which includes a range of research backed home care products for clean air and safe drinking water, and Physio Radiance, a cutting-edge Swiss healthy-aging skin care range. It also offers a vast range of health and nutritional supplements for immune support, increased energy, and weight control.

Putting People First

“QNET recognizes that people are our greatest assets,” says the spokesperson. “Our distribution network’s boundless energy is fueled by a collective aspiration to achieve financial independence. QNET is dedicated to giving independent representatives (IRs) the education and tools they need to strengthen their understanding of our products and business model. We also engage in helping them on a personal level.”

That is a core value of the company; the founders instilled the importance of service above self. “We believe that serving others with humility is the true hallmark of a leader,” says the spokesperson

QNET’s RYTHM Foundation: Empowering Lives Around the World

According to Caluza, the founders were “profoundly inspired by the life and work of [Mahatma] Gandhi, a great leader, humanitarian, and activist. The teachings of Gandhi laid the foundation for RYTHM — Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. The idea of empowering others to succeed in order to be successful lies at the core of our business.” 

She explains, “At QNET, we live by the core philosophy of RYTHM. In its simplest form, RYTHM is about empowering people to strive to become their best selves and make a difference in their communities. QNET’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm, RYTHM Foundation, strives to fund and support projects with a long-term, transformational impact in underserved communities.”
Recently, RYTHM announced a new project in partnership with the Global Himalayan Expedition which will bring solar energy based solutions to rural communities in the remote North Eastern region of India, which will allow upgrading of the rural health care infrastructure. “Through the Empowering North-East India project, we hope to drive change in the remote villages of Meghalaya by empowering them with access to electricity, which has a direct impact on education, health, comfort, productivity, and more, leading to improved living standards,” says Caluza.

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