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The guide to identifying and working with Instagram influencers

If you’ve ever thought of integrating influencers into your Instagram marketing strategy, this is definitely the time or never. Collaborating with these opinion leaders can allow you to develop brand awareness, gain more Instagram followers, and generate more sales of your products & services. Throughout this article, we will explain in a concrete way how to detect the right influencers for your business, properly format sponsored posts, and measure the impact of your influence actions.

1) What is influencer marketing, and why is it important to your business?

If you regularly spend time on Instagram, chances are you’ve already seen a sponsored post. The influence market is currently booming and should reach 8 billion dollars in 2020 against 7 billion in 2019. And when it comes to identifying the best social network to collaborate with influencers, Instagram is by far the best platform to quickly reach new audiences. So what makes influencer marketing so powerful? Much of its impact is linked to an essential aspect of trade i.e., trust.

When an influencer recommends a product or service on their social networks, their followers may perceive the posts as advice from a friend.

This opportunity is, therefore, extremely interesting for brands because it gives them access to the audience of potential consumers in an advantageous context.

Authenticity is key. When an influencer specializes in a specific sector or niche, followers can consider this person as a reference guiding them to get better according to their needs.

2) Influence marketing: how much does it cost?

This is undoubtedly the most common question when looking closely at influencer marketing. There is no doubt that Instagram influencers are becoming more and more essential for the development of brand awareness, but it is important to determine the right price when it comes to collaborating with popular Instagrammers.

3) How can small businesses collaborate with micro & nano-influencers?

Influencer marketing is becoming more popular over time, but spending thousands of dollars is not necessarily the way to start playing! More and more companies perceive the benefit of forming partnerships with influencers with small but very committed communities.

A micro-influencer will have 10,000 to 100,000 followers, while the nano-influencer will have fewer than 10,000. While some influencers have reached the level of “celebrity,” micro-influencers and nano-influencers will be perceived more as everyday consumers, with whom it is easier to identify.

Influencers with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers often lead lives that cannot be described as “normal,” and their news feeds often resemble inspirational lifestyle catalogs. Instagrammers with 5,000 to 15,000 followers make their Instagram accounts as a tool to communicate their passions, rather than a full-time job. So it can make a big difference in the minds of followers when they receive a recommendation from their favorite influencers.

One of the great advantages of collaborating with influencers with smaller communities is, you will understand, the cost of the partnership because they will ask less than an Instagram celebrity. Some brands are taking the gamble to identify talents with small communities in order to establish long-term partnerships to benefit from better prices when these people “explode” on Instagram.

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