The History of the Hanoi Lottery

Vietnam is known to us as a great tourist destination. The country attracts millions of travelers with exotic, relatively cheap tours, high-quality beach holidays, and well-developed infrastructure. But even these are not all benefits of Vietnam. Beautiful nature and ancient traditions also magnetize the attention of tourists.

But do you know that many people travel to Hanoi not only for tourism? But for the national lottery. Just as Alaska attracted treasure hunters during the gold rush, Hanoi attracts lots of people to try their luck in the lottery nowadays.

History of lottery

To understand why the Hanoi national lottery has gained crazy popularity all over the world we need to dig into history. Unfortunately, the Hanoi lottery does not have those deep historical roots as you may have thought. Everything started only 60 years ago. The first national lottery was “born” in Hanoi in 1962. Started from a scanty number of players then, nowadays a couple of million people take part in it each year.

The lottery was developed and introduced primarily in order to open the way for additional funding for the government. Part of the proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets also goes to the state to serve the public welfare and develop infrastructure.

Types of Lotteries in Hanoi

There are two types of lotteries in Hanoi. The first one is the national lottery separated by provincial scale. This lottery is managed by the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry issues decree to provincial lottery companies, and these companies are directly involved in holding lotteries and paying out prizes.

The second type of lottery in Hanoi is the Vietlott lottery. This is a special type of lottery that is also very popular in the country. In this lottery, players choose the winning numbers themselves through terminals or from a dealer. Unlike the traditional lottery, where a player should buy a ticket with already suggested numbers, in Vietlott the player can add any numbers at will to the ticket. Thus, this method can allow several people to win in one drawing.

Also in Hanoi, there are quite different processes for paying out winnings. The prize can be either a fixed amount of money or some kind of product. But these lotteries are drawn not so often since in this case there is a risk that the organizer will incur a loss. That’s why the lottery in which the winner’s prize is 50% of the total fare is very popular in Hanoi.

These types of lotteries in the country are completely legal and supported by law. Therefore, you can buy a lottery ticket without any problems. The Hanoi National Lottery also offers the option to buy tickets online, making life much easier for players who do not live in Vietnam. So if you are interested in this kind of entertainment, you can play lotto online over the Internet.

Each of us deeply believes in our own luck. So why not sometimes try lady luck and buy a lottery ticket? And we truly believe that Hanoi is one of the best places to do it.

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