The Importance of FIGS Languages for Game Localization

What comes to your mind when you think of the FIGS, fruits, or vegetables? If we look at the dictionary to find out its meaning, it describes a tree that reaps fruit. You will be amazed to know that in the world of translation and localization, its meaning is entirely different. It describes four important languages of the world that are French, Italian, German, and Spanish. FIGS is an abbreviation of these four languages. Whether you are a game or software developer, you will be able to reach a global audience, if you try to communicate with them in their native language. So here you must take the assistance of gaming translation services and software translation services.

FIGS Languages for Game Localization

Suppose you have developed a game and want to release it in the market. Before releasing your game, you must check for which language to go for because if you translate and localize your games in the languages which are in great demand will earn a high profit in less time. Let’s dive into these important languages.


Why is French an important language for game translation and localization? This is because 68% of the French people play video games on a regular basis. You will be surprised to know that there were 35 million French people that played games in 2020 and contributed revenue of $4.4 billion. Thus, making France the 7th largest gaming industry in the world. Do you know that in France, 57% of people that play games are men, and the remaining 53% of gamers are female? Find a good french translation service here.

French people are very fond of watching online games. 42% search online games on twitch and YouTube. Just like other European countries, PC is the podium for French gamers, however ⅓ play cross-platform games. French people also love to play casual games and puzzles. They play such games when they are made to wait for something. As a game developer, you must go for French translation services to target a whopping French audience.


35 billion people played games in Italy in 2020 and contributed revenue of $3 billion. The other important thing about the Italian market is that game developers opt for game development for the Italian market because many high-quality local-based game publishing companies are working in Italy, such as 505 games. As per the report by EF, the Italian people are not good at English, so to cater to the whopping 35 million people, you must go for Italian translation services. One-third of the Italian population that liked to play games are from the age bracket of 25-34 years old. Moreover, 65% of gamers like to spend money on in-game items. Additionally, 30% of gamers paid for DLC/expansions packs. The one important thing to note about Italian gamers is that they prefer playing games on PC rather than on mobile. Sports games like FIFA and shooters are the favorite games of Italian people.


German is one of the dominant languages of Europe. Although the English proficiency of German people is good, they prefer to play games if they are translated into the German language. According to the Newzoo and G.A.M.E association, Germany is one of the largest video game markets in Europe with a whopping 45 million gamers that gave them a revenue of $6.6 billion. 

The German game developers watch gaming videos tips and tricks on twitch and YouTube. You will be amazed to know that Germans enjoy playing games on mobile rather than on PC. This is because they use an important platform on mobiles called The conference of Gamescom is usually held in Cologne every year and approximately 400k gamers and developers attend it keenly. 

The interesting thing about Germany is this, it is considered the best country for bootstrappers, So game developers find it best to start their business. Are you ready to translate and localize your games for the German market, then opt for German translation services?


According to Newzoo, the Spanish gaming market is the tenth-largest gaming market in the world. Approximately, 27 million gamers that are more than half the population of Spain like to play games. Spain has a football culture so sports games are very popular among gamers. Spanish people enjoy playing games on mobile. 

As far as PC consoles are concerned, they have gained popularity because of Nintendo but due to playStation4 and Xbox, people have started preferring mobile games.  Do you want to target the Spanish gaming market? Then what are you waiting for, take the assistance of Spanish translation services?

FIGS languages are very important for the growth and success of the gaming industry, so game developers and publishers give great importance to them. But don’t get into confusion that these languages are enough for the entire gaming market. If you want your games to be played globally, then you must consider other languages too for game translation and localization.

Wrapping Up

People tend to buy products and services that are in their native language. Similarly, people will download the games if they are translated into their mother tongue. Whether you want to target the French market or the Italian market, you must take the assistance of gaming translation services from a professional translation company.

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