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The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment

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Safety is everything in modern society. As the global pandemic continues to rage worldwide, more and more of us are turning to safety in the workplace.

One of the most important safety devices you have isn’t your overalls or your boots. Instead, your safety equipment begins with personal protective equipment you put on daily.

You may think it’s cosmetic, or it may seem unnecessary for your daily job. Don’t worry. Today, we’re explaining everything that you need to know about this safety equipment and why you should start using it ASAP.

Let’s do this!

Protection From Hazardous Substances

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an important tool used to help protect individuals from hazardous substances. Safety glass, earplugs, respirator, 3m 1870 mask, hard hats, face shield, boots, and more includes in PPE. When using these items, it is important to follow the steps outlined to protect oneself from a potential hazard.

Select the appropriate PPE for the job. Execute a risk assessment to determine the specific hazards at the job site, and what types of PPE are needed.
 Ensure the PPE fits and is in good working order. Workers are to wear PPE when in an area that may contain hazardous substances.

Promotes Proper Hygiene

PPE is the safety equipment that covers most of the body to reduce the risk of contamination and avoid direct contact with germs, viruses, or other dangerous elements. Using masks and proper respiratory equipment minimizes and reduces the transmission of airborne pathogens.

It should also encourage frequent hand-washing, using warm, soapy water for twenty or more seconds, as it is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy and avoid illnesses. Most important of all PPE should be properly fitted and washed after each use as an added precaution.

Protection From Extreme Temperatures

Personal protective equipment helps prevent extreme temperatures from affecting your body. The correct clothing and equipment protection from frigid and hot environments. When working in cold temperatures, layered clothing should be worn.

Base layers from synthetic fabrics wick away moisture and create a barrier between the skin and the elements. Outer layers of clothing should be water and wind-resistant.

PPE includes long-sleeved shirts, wide-brimmed hats, and sunglasses for hot and sunny environments. Breathable fabrics should be chosen to keep you cool while protecting you from the sun. For extended hot exposures, inhaling a breathable mist may help cool the body’s temperature.

Personal Protective Equipment: Use It More Often

Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical for protecting ourselves from physical and health hazards. This is recommended to decrease the risk of exposure to many threats. Therefore, PPE should be used by everyone more often.

It is simple to use and contributes to improved protection. So let’s do our part in boosting our safety and protecting ourselves. Take action today and start using PPE more frequently!

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