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The Importance of Privacy and Security When Purchasing a Domain Name

Every domain name registered is associated with an owner. During registration, you must provide several details, including your name, contact information, address, and more. This information goes public the moment you register your domain name. If you’re working with a leading premium domain name broker, they can recommend a security service to protect your sensitive details. Here’s an overview of domain name privacy and security:

Significance of Domain Name Privacy 

You can work with a premium domain name broker to find ideal, brandable domains for your business. When registering the domain, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) captures the domain’s ownership details. The information is stored in a public directory. Anyone can use a lookup tool to pull information about any domain name. A simple lookup reveals domain information and registrant contact details. 

Domain information includes the domain name, registrar, registration date, expiry date, update date, status, and name servers. The registrant (you) is the owner of the domain name. You can find registrant contact information, including a name, organization, street, city, state, postal code, country, phone, and email. Some of this information is sensitive. Public access to sensitive details can leave you vulnerable to spamming and domain takeover.

Here are three reasons why privacy and security are key:

1. Protects Your Sensitive Information

Domain name privacy and security protect your domain name information from the public eye. Larger brands can afford to leave their information public in a database. Leaving your details public can be costly if you’re starting a small e-commerce building. The wrong people can get ahold of your sensitive information and use it to attack your business. ICANN requires domain owners to maintain up-to-date details. 

The information stored in online databases is verified and legitimate. People can use your information however they please, which leaves you at a disadvantage. Public access to your sensitive details may increase the chances of getting hijacked. Purchasing domain name privacy and security conceals sensitive information. The service replaces your contact information with the company’s randomly generated addresses that keep changing.

2. Minimizes Spam & Unsolicited Marketing

If your domain name details are left public in an online database, they can get into the wrong hands. People with malicious intent can use the contact information to spam you. Public domain information also leads to unsolicited marketing outreach from spammers, salespeople, fundraisers, and telemarketers. Online marketers can buy contact information from individuals that pull up details from the online database to sell.

Some people scan the database for newly registered websites and businesses. Soon after registration, you may have companies trying to sell you online marketing and SEO services. Domain name privacy protects you from unwanted attention. You can conceal your phone number, email address, and other sensitive details. Domain name privacy also protects you from spammy, phishing emails because your actual email is inaccessible.

3. Protects You from Domain Theft/Hijacking 

Unwanted traffic, scam phone calls, and unsolicited marketing attempts are more common, but most business owners fear domain theft. Domain theft or hijacking occurs when someone gains access to your domain registrar account. The person can change your domain’s registration information without permission and take over the website. Domain hijackers can use your website to facilitate cyberattacks, virus installation, and phishing attacks.

The hijackers can create websites or web pages identical to yours to collect sensitive customer data. Such attacks can leave you liable for massive lawsuits over data breaches. Domain name privacy and security services give you more control over your sensitive information. 

Work With a Premium Domain Name Broker

Registering a domain name requires accurate contact and identification details. ICANN assumes the recorded information is the legal credentials of the owner. Using false information can lead to disputes over who owns the domain, so stick to your actual contact details. You can sign up for domain name protection to redact or hide your sensitive information. Leading domain name sellers also provide domain name protection options.

Ask your premium domain name broker about their recommendations for privacy and security. Stick to reputable brokers with experience in the industry. The idea is to get domain name protection before you launch your business. Keeping information discreet can protect you from spam, unsolicited marketing, hijacking, scammers, and more. Choose domain name stores with a long track record of selling and protecting premium domains.

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