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The Intricate Assembly Process of Wiring Harnesses

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Most manufacturers follow a standard wiring harness guide for designing different kinds of electronics. Although wiring harnesses are made unique according to application, the process of design and assembly are generally similar with each harness beginning its journey as a schematic diagram. These schematic diagrams are done by engineers who are experts in the industry. Since a typical wiring harness is made of numerous components, the engineers have to assess the proper placement of each specific part.

Installing a wiring harness can also streamline the distribution of conductors and simplify the electrical system in any device or machine. In factories, installation time is shortened as it allows manufacturers to mount the entire system into the device instead of fixing the wires individually. Using a wiring harness also reinforces the system and protects it from damages and being easily worn out.

What Manufacturers Consider

The wiring harness guide that most manufacturers follow today is crucial to ensure the best quality. Since wiring harness technology today must keep up with the latest innovations in different industries, manufacturers do their best to efficiently assemble each unit as accurately as the engineers’ have designed.

With advancements in science and technology, there are also more choices in terms of materials at present. Since wiring harnesses are used in many industries such as aerospace and the automotive sector, manufacturers have to figure out a way to make each harness design more adaptive to the environment of the machine they were intended for.

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The insulating material for each conductor plays an important role when it comes to protecting the entire unit. Silicone, for example, is a very flexible type of insulation and is also heat resistant. It’s the perfect type of insulation for harnesses that would be exposed to extreme temperatures. Other common types of insulation materials include PVC and Polyethene.

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Testing Before Installation

Testing and making modifications are normally performed after following the wiring harness guide in assembly. Performing a series of safety tests is crucial and it’s always necessary to check the route of each wire and cable to avoid any risk of short circuits.

The electrical system must efficiently distribute the electrical signals in any machine or device. If the parts are not positioned and routed properly, the entire system may not work at all. In addition, all components of the electrical system must be secured to prevent the components from being disconnected while the machine or device is in use.    

Many companies also use software to track the manufacturing process of each component. It can record the parts and components that were specifically used in assembly for easy tracking. This makes it much easier for companies to detect items or products that may not meet requirements or have caused errors or malfunctions.    


Manufacturers are always ready for changes in case something goes wrong when it comes to the design. It takes a lot of time and effort to start building a wiring harness from scratch, and the process itself is methodical and complex.

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Some companies design and manufacture their wiring harnesses, while others draft a design and have them assembled through a manufacturer. Either way, as aforementioned, a standardized wiring harness guide in terms of assembly is always followed to ensure the best quality.

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