The iPad Pro equipped with an OLED screen could land in mid-2021

  • There is also talk of mini-LED technology appearing on iPad Pro in 2021.

The next batch of apple tablets for professionals could stand out particularly strongly. There is talk that the next iPad Pro will include a new screen technology. Currently, this product line includes LCD screens, but from 2021 it could carry OLED screens.

According to a new report from the supply chain The Elec, Apple plans to switch to OLED screens on iPad Pro. A display technology that offers many advantages, including a more contrasting image, better responsiveness, greater screen finesse, etc.

But there is also talk that Apple is unveiling its first iPad Pro equipped with a mini-LED screen. The Apple tablet would be the first Apple product to incorporate this technology.

The iPad Pro equipped with an OLED screen could land in mid-2021
The iPad Pro equipped with an OLED screen could land in mid-2021

According to various rumors, the apple firm would unveil two iPad Pros in 2021. The first would be presented in the first half of the year and would be equipped with a mini-LED screen that offers increased brightness and is less energy-intensive than OLED.

The second new iPad Pro model would be introduced in the second half of 2021 and would carry an OLED screen.

In its report, The Elec confirms that mini-LED technology would first appear on iPad Pro before the OLED will arrive later. This model could potentially be delayed depending on the adoption of iPad Pro mini-LED.

If The Elec has seen right in the past, especially with regard to the adoption of the LiDAR sensor on iPad Pro, the schedule established here seems rather aggressive. In less than a year, Apple would offer two versions of the iPad Pro with two different display technologies which would still be amazing.

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