The Last of Us: Some Facts and Figures

Premiered on January 15, 2023, HBO Max has all amazed by the thrilling TV show. Because the majority of the Earth’s population is curious about a dystopian future and… mushrooms. The existence of mushrooms isn’t only suspicious, but it’s fantastical as well. The Last of us is that TV show that has explored the idea of mushrooms turning the world into a zombie-infested place.

If you haven’t started on The Last of Us, you should now. The show is a major hit that sparked interest immediately after the airing of the first episode. It is said to be the largest TV production in the history of Canada.

Though HBO Max premiered The Last of Us, you can watch it on many streaming services. So you don’t have to subscribe and purchase a different membership just to watch this series. Besides HBO Max, you can also watch The Last of Us on Hulu. The good thing is, Hulu updates the newest episodes the following day of its broadcasting.

For people who are not aware of Hulu, it’s a VOD streaming platform where you can watch The Last of Us as well. Hulu also offers Live TV for cord-cutters who miss watching TV on a regular cable network. That’s why Hulu Live TV is a paid subscription-based plan where Hulu hosts 65+ channels to watch all day and all night.

Is Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us?

Yes. As you might have seen on social media, Pedro Pascal is in The Last of Us as Joel Miller. Once again, he brings an exciting portrayal of someone who is on a mission to smuggle an immune teenager through the dystopian USA. After his successful roles in previous shows like Game of Thrones, Pedro Pascal has brought a great deal of attention to the new show, The Last of Us.

Besides Pedro Pascal, the show has a twinkling star cast. Bella Ramsey is played as Ellie, a teenager who claims to be immune to the infection going around in the country. She demonstrates a lot of resistance and rage at first, but secretly craves connection and togetherness. Depicted as the cure to the infection, Bella Ramsey portrayed a significant role in the show, The Last of Us.

As for the guest cast of The Last of Us, we have:

  • Nico Parker as Sarah
  • John Hannah as Dr. Neuman
  • Anna Torv as Tess
  • Merle Dandridge as Marlene

How many Episodes are there of The Last of Us?

The show has just started and is already set to have a second season because of its high demand. The first episode of The Last of Us was aired on January 15, 2023, and there have been 3 episodes that have been broadcasted.

The first one gained a huge amount of popularity and there was no negative point for the descending episodes. What’s more, the show gained more viewers per episode. Now the audience is raving about the fourth one, which is set to air on February 5, 2023.

Critical Responses to The Last of Us

The Last of Us had been the kind of show that received a ton of praise globally. Even the pilot episode accumulated 4.7 million viewers from the US, with the inclusion of linear views and HBO Max streams, making the show to be the second top debut on HBO Max, lining up after The House of Dragon.

The second episode, however, outreached the first one and raised the bar 22% higher than the pilot episode, with the number of viewers increasing to 5.7 million. The third episode shocked the production of the show because it surpassed the last two episodes with 6.4 million viewers. As impressive as it is, the critics are finalizing the show’s future, because there hasn’t been a single viewer who didn’t enjoy the first three episodes.

Our Concluding Thoughts

The show, The Last of Us, has accumulated a large audience which is the main cause of the rise in popularity — and it has just started! If you haven’t started watching the global hit TV show, The Last of Us, you should tune in to HBO Max or Hulu.

Get ready to lose under the spell of cordyceps, and Pedro Pascal’s intoxicating acting, with each scene looking straight from the game itself. These reviews brought an insane amount of popularity to the show, with the first cause being the adaptation of the game of the same title by Naughty Dog.

The ratio of this show’s popularity is so high that they have renewed the show already for the second season in January 2023. With all this information, we’re sure that we have convinced you to get on the trendy train because it’s not too late! If you’re a cord-cutter and miss live TV, Hulu’s Live TV plan is just the right one for you. This way, you won’t miss out on any incoming episodes of The Last of Us in the future.

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