The Main Types of Online Jackpots

If you are considering signing up to play online slots, there are a range of ways new casinos will try to interest you. One of these is with offers of sizable jackpots in their games. But how do you understand what type is the best? Below, we discuss the main types of online jackpots. 

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots offer huge payouts. They do this by taking a small amount from each player’s bet and dropping it into a larger total. This creates an amount that progresses in value the more people play. They are easy to identify as they often display the huge amounts on offer prominently. An example of a progressive jackpot is the Fluffy Favorites Jackpot at Paddy Power Bingo. It has five reels with 25 pay lines, making its layout fairly standard. However, it opens up with its bonus games which allow you access to the progressive pot. Every stake wagered has a small amount taken from it and put into a larger pot, which increases in size as you play. Once you access the bonus rounds you can begin trying for the progressive total, which could be huge if it has not recently been won. 

Of course, the caveat is that very few people manage to win these grand totals. The biggest win was on a slot game titled Mega Moolah, which paid out over $10 million to one lucky resident in the United Kingdom. He was so surprised that he told no one for three days and even went to work the day after. 

Different Types of Progressive Jackpots

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Not all progressive jackpots work in the same way. They will each have a different method of putting money into the prize total. Local jackpots have an amount that comes from games played in that individual casino. Thus, if more people use the service there, the higher totals will go. 

Network jackpots operate in much bigger areas. They will take money from players around the globe on a certain game or network. This gives them a much higher total, though with more players involved this tends to get won more frequently. They may also involve games linked via apps, found on iOS or Android platforms. 

Finally, wide-area progressive jackpots are the biggest of all. They will take bets from various slot machines, all spread out across the globe in different casinos. To win, you need to know how to manage the often-complex bonus rounds, but if you do, you can expect a huge jackpot to be waiting for you.

Fixed Jackpots

Fixed jackpots are the opposite of this. Also known as cash pot jackpots, they have a set amount as their highest possible total. Unlike progressive games, this does not increase or decrease depending on how many people play, or how many people win the jackpot beforehand. 

While they will not have the payout of progressive jackpots, in many cases they will have an increased win chance. You may find they give anything up to 10,000 x your wager, still offering a healthy amount. Fixed jackpot games tend to have more straightforward criteria for players as well, such as matching the most important symbols on the reels.

Whatever game you choose, remember that you are never guaranteed a win.

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