The Marketing & Ecommerce highlights of 2022

You want to take stock of the e-commerce and marketing trends of this year 2022. You want to know the digital highlights that marked this year.

This article is made for you.

Marketing and e- commerce had another great year in 2022. With the growth of digital, many digital marketing and e-commerce trends have emerged this year.

In addition, many digital trends had not appeared in previous years. It is therefore important to analyze them to know the opportunities that the digital era offers us for the year 2023.

So, we will see:

  • The digital trend of artificial intelligence
  • The development of augmented reality
  • Mobile user experience optimization
  • Ever faster payment processors
  • The importance of fast delivery in e-commerce
  • Product transparency and ethics (D2C)
  • The ecological aspect as a digital marketing trend 2022
  • Made In France: one of the highlights of digital marketing in 2022
  • Experiential marketing and business
  • The rise of voice search
  • Omnichannel sales in e-commerce 2022
  • NFT strategy and cryptocurrencies
  • Short format videos

→ There is no order of importance, so read until the end of the article to know all the 2022 online business highlights.

Let’s go, let’s go!

Artificial intelligence


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented reality
  • Mobile optimization
    • Ever faster payment methods
  • Quick delivery
  • D2C and product transparency
  • Ecology
  • Made In France
  • Experiential marketing strategy
  • Voice search
  • Omnichannel sales
  • Cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • Short format videos
  • So much for the marketing & ecommerce highlights of the year!
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    • What are the key digital marketing trends to follow in 2022?

For the 2022 marketing highlights, we already note artificial intelligence, which is considered one of the best marketing tools of this year.

AI allows us to lеarn morе about thе purchasing bеhavior of usеrs,  and to bе ablе to collеct as much information and data as possiblе about it,  in ordеr to allow companiеs to always improvе thеir markеting stratеgy and thеm еnsurе long-tеrm sustainability. 

Spеaking of data,  artificial intеlligеncе is much morе еfficiеnt than a human and can thеrеforе procеss a vеry largе amount of data and simultanеously pеrform a multitudе of tasks simultanеously.  

Artificial intelligence has also allowed companies to delegate their creative tasks, such as visual and artistic design, for content creation.

Thus, many companies have been able to exploit and develop this digital tool to grow and will continue to use it next year.

Augmented reality

Along with a good marketing strategy, augmented reality has been an excellent e-commerce trend of 2022.

Consumers are tired of seeing products in retouched photos. What they want is a shopping experience.

Thus, with a more precise idea of ​​the product, by studying it, its dimensions, and the details that are not visible on simple photos, the user is immersed in an interactive experience and is more inclined to buy the product.

That’s why Shopify launched Shopify AR, which allows you to represent your products in augmented reality, with multiple helper tools.

If you ever missed augmented reality this year, it is important to quickly implement it on your various e-commerce stores.

Mobile optimization

From year to year, the use and optimization of e-commerce and digital marketing strategy on mobile is more and more important.

Nearly half of French people (48%) make their purchases online from their mobile phone.
On mobile, you can do everything in one click (buy, watch a movie, etc.), and making your e-commerce site responsive has become as important this year (or even more so) than simply optimizing it for PC.

Ever faster payment methods

Then comes payment methods, which are getting faster and faster.

Like contactless in physical stores, buyers want to be able to buy online quickly and without having to enter all their bank details each time.

There are now many methods to reduce the time of this step, and get to the sale faster:

  • One-click payment solutions like Amazon Pay, Apple Pay or PayPal.
  • Save bank details for future purchases
  • Do not request account creation
  • Offer installment payments

Set up a “Direct order “button (in particular on product sheets)

Moreover, with the democratization of payment solutions this year, having a complex system can slow down some users, who are used to paying quickly and simply.

Quick delivery

Fast delivery and its challenges have been a highlight of e-commerce in 2022. Amazon Prime is the leader in fast delivery, with 1-day deliveries.

Consumers are asking to have their order as soon as possible, even if they choose the “standard delivery” option. For all companies and all delivery routes, for this option, delivery is on average 3 days, but customers are willing to wait up to 5 days maximum.

Another big become challenge in 2022 has been order tracking.

More and more customers want to know the delivery of their products and thus know what day they will receive their order. They also assess the reliability of the stated delivery date.

→ Having a faster delivery time than its competitors are also a powerful marketing tool to use.

D2C and product transparency

Consumers want brands to be increasingly transparent about the products or services they sell. This year, we have therefore seen the emergence of the concept of D2C (Direct to Consumer).

Brands pay more and more attention to their image and want to obtain the trust of their customers, often by taking back control of their product design, their product distribution and their after-sales service to move away from intermediary e-merchants, and thus use an effective marketing tool.


Speaking of image, how can we forget ecology. This year again, more than ever, with the various climate issues, the environment is one of the 2022 marketing trends.

63% of French people consume better than before, and it is therefore important to follow this 2022 e-commerce trend to have an eco-responsible company that brings you knew customers, with better sales.

Indeed, you must know that your customers are ready to pay more for offers of eco-responsible products or services.

How products are made and how they are shipped are things consumers buy or don’t buy today.

Brands that produce recycled products and packaging have taken a step ahead of the others this year, even if the ecological transition requires a certain investment.

Made In France

Made in France was once again a highlight of digital marketing and online sales this year.

With a complicated post-covid period for the economy and business at the global level, people have turned to local e-shops, in order to promote the terroir, the proximity of products and to show solidarity with French e-merchants.

They are also increasingly suspicious of foreign brands, both in terms of product quality and delivery times.

It is therefore an excellent way to attract new customers concerned about the origin of products, with brands that produce “made in France” and highlight it in their marketing, their online stores, and more generally, their digital communications.

Experiential marketing strategy

One of the marketing highlights of 2022 has been experiential marketing.

Over the years, we have seen the development of online immersion technologies.

In physics, good experiential marketing is, for example, the fact of being able to drive a car before acquiring it, which reinforces your desire to buy it.

On the internet, many brands have set up interactive human interactions, in order to involve the user more in the brand.

Several formats exist for these interactions:

  • Webinars
  • Product demonstrations and tests
  • Networking Events

If ever you don’t realize the potential of experiential marketing, think of Red Bull and its events around the world, with their competitions or educational programs.

With this explosive trend of 2022, experiential marketing gets people talking about you, and strengthens your brand image, through digital communication based on your corporate values ​​and real involvement of your brand’s players (consumers), to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Voice search

One of the strong trends in e-commerce and marketing in 2022 has been the development of voice search.

This yеar again,  morе and morе consumеrs no longеr want to typе kеywords into sеarch еnginеs to find what thеy want.  Thеy want it to bе fastеr and еasiеr.  

The biggest companies have already understood the importance of voice search for years:

  • Apple with Siri
  • Amazon with Alexa
  • Google with its voice assistant

This search by voice has been democratized this year, and has become one of the new pillars of digital marketing.

Whether using smart voice searches already programmed by other companies or creating your own, it is important to use this digital marketing trend for your online business for years to come.

Omnichannel sales

Competition is increasing day by day in e-commerce, and it is therefore important to differentiate yourself from your competitors and be present everywhere on the internet, with an omnichannel sales strategy.

Consumers increasingly compare the products they buy on the internet on different digital platforms, and if a competing product is found on more digital channels than yours, they will automatically be tempted to buy it, not your product.

Therefore, favor a sales strategy on all internet communication channels, such as:

  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Facebook (and Instagram) Ads Campaigns
  • Creation of your mobile application
  • Online marketplaces: Amazon, Fancy, Discount…
  • Google Shopping to reference your products online

Although it may require a lot of organization and investment, this strategy is very profitable in the long run.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

One of the big marketing and e-commerce trends of 2022 has been cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which many big brands use, such as Louis Vuitton, Ubisoft or Méta.

It is a new technology that is revolutionizing the blockchain and web 3.0 market, and even if it is only at its beginning, it could be a major development challenge for companies for years to come.

Short format videos

How not to mention the explosion of short format videos, with TikTok as a precursor, followed by YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels.

Many brands have exploited the algorithm of these platforms of blog optimization services, which offer more chances of going viral, with thousands, even millions of views possible in a few days.

These short video platforms also allow you to produce content in large quantities and with less time to spend looking for ideas or doing video editing.

So much for the marketing & ecommerce highlights of the year!

The article is now complete! You were able to learn about the web trends that marked our year in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing.

You have learned that technologies evolve quickly, and that you must always seek to innovate in your communication/marketing, in order to be able to make more sales in your e-shops.

You should also know that these trends will develop further in 2023, and that you must be ready and adapt your e-commerce and marketing strategy now to develop your business.

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