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The Mess You Leave Season 1: Ending Explanation!

Discover The End Of Season One Explanation Of The Mess You Leave On Netflix! What About Iago, Raquel And German?

The first season of The Disorder You Leave is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explana tion of the ending, keep reading! The Disorder You Leave is a Spanish mini-series directed by Carlos Montero. It aired on Netflix on December 11, 2020. The psychological thriller is an adaptation of Montero’s award-winning novel of the same name. His directorial debut comes after his work on the acclaimed Spanish Netflix hit Elite, of which he is a co-author. In the main cast, Inma Cuesta and Bárbara Lennie play the main characters Raquel and Viruca respectively. If you want to know if a second season will be released, read this.

Other members of the ensemble are Tamar Novas, Roberto Enríquez and Aron Piper. The plot of the series takes audiences on a wild ride through multiple surprises and twists. It tells of Raquel’s efforts to uncover the truth behind what she believes to be cold-blooded murder. The end of the first season of The Disorder That You Leave leaves viewers somewhat satisfied but baffled. We have tried to dig into the ending of The Mess You Leave, to definitively answer the questions that might have haunted him.


The miniseries begins with a scene that anticipates the dark nature of the series. Mauro, Viruca’s alleged ex-husband, is seen crawling out of his apartment. While trying to suppress what appears to be evidence. This particular test soon turns out to be linked to his death. On the other hand, Raquel is preparing to move in with her husband and their dog, Nanook. She appears to have recurring hallucinations and nightmares, where she sees her dead mother.

Upon arrival, Raquel’s enthusiasm for her new job quickly fades when she learns of the untimely death of her predecessor, just three weeks earlier. Based on the Galician countryside, the series tries to juggle two timelines. Each of them belongs to one of the protagonists. In an attempt to uncover the truth about Viruca’s apparent suicide, Raquel finds herself trapped in a twisted plot designed to hide a huge secret.

Explanation Of The End Of Season 1 Of The Disorder You Leave

The end of the first season of The Disorder You Leave begins when Raquel discovers Mauro and Viruca’s ruse. The couple had faked their marital problems as part of their scam to steal money from Iago’s father, Tomas. To pay off a huge debt contracted by both parents. After Viruca stumbled upon a controversial video, which was given to them by Iago himself, the couple decided to exploit it to blackmail Tomás. Mauro adds that he suspects that Tomás is Viruca’s murderer, since she threatened him with the video. Although he appealed to the courts, Mauro’s appeal was dismissed due to Tomás’s strong alibi.

Mauro also assures Raquel that he did not kill Viruca. However, he admits to killing Raquel’s dog and breaking into her home to find Viruca’s phone number that Raquel had discovered in a previous episode. Mauro believes the phone could contain evidence that could be traced back to Tomas. He also tells Raquel about Iago’s growing obsession with Viruca. Which explains his aggressive behavior towards her after he found out about his affair with her father. Back home, Iago is questioned by his father about the video he revealed to Viruca.

Iago shows the video to his father, and Tomas is seen running in front of his house. Probably on his way to kill Viruca, who now knows too much. Later in the episode, we see Raquel reflecting on Viruca’s deliberations in presenting the evidence against Tomás to the police. They both decide to object. After that, Raquel meets Iago, who offers her help because he knows he is innocent. The episode then goes back in time to show Iago confronting Viruca over the video he had given him. He tells her that the video was intended to reveal his father’s true identity and was not intended to blackmail.

In the current timeline, Raquel gives Viruca’s phone number to Concha to keep. Because she fears suffering the same fate as Viruca. Raquel then discovers the copy of the video that Viruca had made following a code left on her phone, which translates into the GPS coordinates of the precise location of the hard drive. As Raquel prepares to watch the video, she is taken by Gabriel, who tells her that the German attempted suicide.

With Raquel in the car, Gabriel closes the doors and takes her to Tomás and Iago’s house in an abandoned factory. The three try to kill Raquel by force-feeding her water infused with sedatives to disguise her as a suicide. After what

What About Raquel And German?

Raquel returns to her mother’s apartment, where the program showed her for the first time. She tells the German that she needs to live alone to overcome her fear of being alone. After the chaos she had already shown various problems in her marriage due to the drug addiction of the Germans. At the end of the first season of The Disorder That You Leave, Raquel finds herself rediscovering her love for literature, which she uses to write a book.

Her experiences throughout the eight episodes help her face her inner demons and give her the opportunity to redeem herself. He gives Nerea a book that is supposed to teach her to forgive herself. The act is a portrait of what Raquel seems to have learned recently. The last scene from the first season shows her talking to German on the phone while giving him information about her book.

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