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The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Weddings Arrangements and Locations

Your wedding should be a special day that the invited friends and acquaintances will remember for a long time. A long drive from the church to the celebration location or an early curfew can be a real mood killer.

As a wedding hotel, we have attended many wedding celebrations and know that there is more to a successful celebration than wedding planning.

To make it easier for you to decide where you could be in good hands and whether the ThedressOutlet is the right wedding location for your dream wedding, I have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions here. This will give you an impression of what a wedding celebration in general and at the TheDressOutlook in particular could look like.

Questions about the location

1. What is the best place for a free wedding ceremony?

Are you dreaming of a free wedding on a large flower meadow or by a lake? For this you have to consider a few things. You need a good place that not only impresses with the great view, but also has the appropriate infrastructure.

Ideally, your guests will not have to walk a long way in formal dresses and suits to get to the wedding venue. Even a little place and the aperitif are, in the best case, not far away.

If you are looking for the right location, you should stop at the TheDressOutlet: self-praise stinks, I know, but you will find one of the most beautiful places for your wedding at our bathing pond. Here you will find a romantic idyll in combination with practical aspects. In addition to the bathing pond, there are several other places on our extensive area for the wedding ceremony. By the way, with us you don’t have to worry about setting up and decorating the wedding venue: we set up everything you want in terms of equipment for your wedding location – from chairs clad in white covers to the red carpet to the rose arch.

2. Would you like a church wedding? How far away can the church be?

You certainly don’t want your wedding guests to be stuck in traffic on the way from the church to the place of the celebration. Ideally, the church and party location are not only in the same place, but within walking distance.

I can’t deny you that the TheDressOutlet scores points here too: Right across from our hotel is one of the most popular wedding chapels in Tyrol: the Church of St. Martin.

This is usually fully booked well in advance. If you are getting married in the idyllically located church and would like to benefit from the short distance to the wedding celebration, you should book the church early enough. You can do that with Mrs. Smith. You can reach them on Tuesday 8am-11am and on Wednesday 5pm-7pm.

3. How big should the premises be?

Do you have a long guest list? Do you want your guests to have plenty of space to dance? Or should it be a cozy wedding in a traditional ambience?

As you can see, the size of the premises depends on a number of aspects. A small number of guests in a room that is too large can seem lost. However, your guests should not feel restricted and should still be able to move freely in the room. Also plan a place for a band or DJ and a dance floor.

The ideal size also depends on the seating plans. For example, a U-shape gives you less space in the same room than a banquet.

You can probably already guess: In the TheDressOutlet you will definitely find the right rooms: from the rustic TheDressOutlet with space for up to 30 people to the winter garden for up to 300 guests. You can find an overview of our premises under this link:

100 guests and more in the contained place! Is this heated?

We only have room for 300 guests in the conservatory. In the event that you are getting married in winter and so many guests are invited, we have provided the conservatory with radiant heaters. This allows you to eat and celebrate “out in the open air” even at temperatures as low as minus 5 degrees, without freezing. For colder temperatures down to minus 20 degrees, we recommend an additional oil heater, which we will be happy to get for you (for a fee).

Can you also build a bar in the conservatory?

You may have experienced it at other wedding celebrations: as soon as the guests put down their dessert spoon, they start scattering. In winter, we can set up a mobile and illuminated bar in our conservatory, so guests stay together and the evening is more sociable.

4. How do you find the right location for beautiful photos for “eternity”?

So that the photographer does not take you through the woods and meadows for three hours for the romantic wedding photo, you should definitely talk to him in advance. It is best to look for an idyllic spot not far from the location of the celebration. Ideally, you can choose some of theĀ unique Toronto wedding venues, with a perfect wedding location that has a beautiful garden, a small lake or pond where you can take your wedding photos.

Questions about the course of the wedding celebration

5. Do you have to stick to the previously planned procedure?

The group photo takes more time than planned? The aperitif has dragged on because of the nice weather?

Discuss in advance with those responsible at the location how this will be handled.

I can only assure you that delays are not a problem for us. We are flexible and adapt to you.

6. Is there a curfew?

A wedding should be celebrated extensively. In any case, clarify in advance with your location whether there is a curfew.

A little hint with the fence post: With us, weddings do not have to have a fixed end and are welcome to last until the early hours of the morning.

Questions about the menu and drinks

7. How is the billing done?

There are generally 2 billing options.

  1. Drinks and food are billed according to the agreed or consumed quantity
  2. Together we create a package with the “building blocks” (aperitif, menu, finger food, drinks) of your choice. This results in a fixed price per person, which is charged. Regardless of how much you end up consuming. This variant is ideal for people in a party mood.

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