The Range and Benefits of GP Truck Products

You can count on GP Truck Products, one of Australia’s leading suppliers, to have a wide variety of trailer parts that adhere to the standards outlined in ADR 38/05. They have a wide selection of servicing accessories that may be used with any truck or trailer made in Europe or the United States.

GP Truck smc products has a wide selection of brake service fittings for American and European trucks and trailers. Contacting a reliable aftermarket parts distributor is the best approach to guarantee the appropriate quality and fit for your needs. The comprehensive range of GP truck products is quite a long list, but below are some you should know.

Truck Master Filter

The Truck Master is General Pneumatics’ solution to the problem of water, sludge, oil, and carbon building up in air brake systems. Truck Master is a more effective alternative to conventional air driers since it purges the air brake system of moisture and impurities. The ability of a standard air-drying system to remove moisture from the air decreases with time as water and pollutants accumulate in the desiccant. The filter is great because it does not need any desiccants or replacement filters.

Dump Master Drain Valve

Using the valve in conjunction with the above filter provides the most effective method for purging pollutants from air brake systems. The valve operates on a 6-minute timer to efficiently remove water from the air brake system. It is compatible with 12v and 24v systems and is built to last out of aircraft-grade aluminium. Even though it requires maintenance twice a year, its value to your air brake system makes up for the cost.

Benefits of GP Truck Products

  • Safety

Pneumatic systems are relatively secure, and because they employ only compressed air, they will not subject your personnel to harmful substances. Pneumatic tools and truck spares never need the potentially hazardous hydraulic fluids and lubricants that are sometimes used.

  • Clean-up Simplicity

Pneumatic technology is typically simple from a technical perspective; therefore, if a system becomes blocked, it can usually be cleared relatively quickly. Even more straightforward than that, pneumatic circuits typically have less tubing than other, more sophisticated technologies, making them easy to disassemble.

  • Cost

In addition, pneumatic components can be found at low prices. Because they operate on air pressure rather than hydraulics or electricity, they have a longer lifespan without frequent replacement. If you have the model number and the correct size, you may swap them out without much trouble. If you have been placing frequent orders with the same supplier, they should have the Scania parts available at a pricing that will not put you out of business.

  • Source Accessibility

In most cases, pneumatic systems rely solely on standard air, as their name implies. Air is abundant and accessible; therefore, charging your tank will not cost you more than operating your compressor’s motor.

Additionally, air filtration is unnecessary. The machine will perform the task for you. You may utilise any air if it is sufficiently clean for you and your staff. Ensure that your pneumatic equipment is absorbing and filtering the air to limit the number of minute particles.


General Pneumatics’ Truck Products, a locally owned air brake component provider, is a good option if you need high-quality aftermarket parts for trucks, especially Aftermarket parts for European trucks.

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