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The Smallest Types of Hand Pipes

Are you looking for the smallest hand pipes that you can use discreetly and on the go? We understand that it may be difficult to choose from a superfluity of available options on the market. You do not have to worry, though. 

Whether you are looking for a simple hand pipe for marijuana or artistically crafted spoon pipes, you are sure to find the perfect design you want. Here, we look at some of the smallest types of hand pipes that support on-the-go smoking. 

  • The Chillum Pipe

Chillum pipes are the smallest glass hand pipes in the market. Also called tasters, they pack good rips per time, which makes them a nice on-the-go- hand pipe. One other great thing about the chillum pipe is that it is super easy to maintain and clean. 

All you have to do is soak it in Isopropyl to get rid of remnant weed and it will come back to its squeaky clean state. Chillums are traditionally crafted like a small steamroller. 

Some designs come with special artistry featuring intricate contours, stands, themes, and shapes. You will be amazed at the sheer volume of designs, styles, and colors available to you in the market.

  • The Spoon Pipe

Spoon pipes are some of the most popular types of pipe in the market. It is the first pipe for many smokers, thanks for its affordability that makes it the perfect choice for the first trial. Spoon hand pipes are also reliable and portable. Each pipe comes with a bowl and a side carb. The side carb is used for controlling the airflow. 

With it, you let in fresh air to cool your inhales and produce more clouds. The good thing is that you can have them in their simplistic styles or artistic styles. Some designs have impressive artistry, built-in ash catcher, stone and crystal cuts, Helix tornado spiral, and ergonomic shapes with spoon-style bowls.

  • The Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock pipes look very similar to spoon pipes. However, they come with long curved necks. Sherlock glass pipes come with the same side card and spoon bowl construction as spoon pipes. The style is more of a personal preference, thanks to its artistic crafting. It also comes with extra cooling, which features an elongated design. 

Some of the additional features of Sherlock glass pipes that are not on spoon pipes include a round base or marble stand to keep it upright and Maria rings for extra durability to the neck. It also features artistic techniques like frit glass and milli glass.

  • The Bubbler Pipe

Bubbler pipes are believed to be the healthiest of all smoking pipes, thanks to the inclusion of water filtration. When compared to the standard water pipe, the bubbler pipe is easier to clean. All you have to do is rinse and refill at the sink. It does not require any technicality or special water to function optionally. 

This type of hand pipe comes in a hammer and upright shape and you can choose either of the two options. Upright bubblers have a wider water chamber and the mouthpiece is less extended. Hammer bubblers, on the other hand, are shaped like the household tool they are named after. If you choose a bubbler with a joint, it is also likely to work with concentrates. 

Bubblers come with diffused downstems and percolators. If you choose a bubbler that works with concentrate, you will get a quartz banger nail with it. A bubbler shaped like a cone lets you add water to the rolling paper routine when you are at it.

  • The Gandalf Pipe

The Gandalf pipe is another small weed pipe made from borosilicate glass. Its style is traceable to the late 18th or 19th century and it is a top choice for smokers who love reading. It is a great choice for readers because the long stem allows an unimpeded view of your book and prevents the smoke coming from the pipe from entering your eyes. 

It is also called Churchwarden pipe and it has become popular among stylish smokes, including non-readers. The Gandalf hand pipes are redolent of Asian influences in the weed community. Its simple yet stylish one-piece design is something worth having in your collection. 

It comes with a narrow mouthpiece that provides immediate access when you light the bowl. It also makes for faster hits clear by the carburetor. The Gandalf is slim, elegant, and discreet. They come in multiple colors and also as glass pipes too.

How to Maintain your Hand Pipes

Getting a nice flavorful hit every time is not only dependent on the product you load into your hand pipes. Ensuring all components of the pipe are clean is also crucial to getting flavorful hits. So, how do you clean your glass pipes? Here are the simple steps:

First, you need a sealable plastic bag, table salt or Epsom salt, dish soap, paper clip, and Isopropyl alcohol. When you have these ready, follow the steps below:

  • Pour the Isopropyl alcohol into the sealable plastic bag and place the pipe in it. Let the pipe be submerged in the alcohol.
  • Add a teaspoon of table salt or Epsom salt. This acts as a sponge or scrubber on resin where an actual brush or sponge cannot reach. 
  • Seal up the bag and leave the pipe to soak for twelve hours. This timeframe will give the alcohol the time to dissolve the resin and get rid of tars.
  • Next, shake the bag well to remove the residual resin.
  • Remove the pipe from the plastic bag and wash it off again with dish soap and hot water to give the glass pipes a final wash. You can use a cotton swab to remove any residual resin still on the device.
  • Leave the pipe in the air to dry and be ready for your next use. That is all it takes to clean your spoon pipes!

So, the next time you are shopping for glass pipes, the types highlighted in this post are some of the smallest in the market. They come in different designs, styles, colors, and themes. You can choose any of them based on your preference and budget. When you are ready to give your pipe a thorough wash, also follow the simple cleaning steps highlighted above.

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