The Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Methods Used by Carpet Cleaning Businesses

While you have many options when it comes to choosing a carpet cleaning Aldborough Hatch company for your home or business, it is vital to comprehend the various types of carpet cleaning practices used by different cleaning companies because not all methods will work for your carpeting.

The following are the various carpet cleaning practices available on the market:

Hot Water Extraction

It is also known as the steam carpet cleaning technique, which uses high-pressured hot water to stir the carpet fibres and dislodge dirt from the carpet.

It typically involves applying a carpet cleaning solution to the soiled surface, agitating the carpeting with a rotating brush, and rinsing. After allowing the carpet cleaning solution to settle in the carpeting for a short period of time, the carpet will be “washed” by cleaning tools to completely rinse the carpet cleaning agent before being left to dry in a room.

An average-sized carpeted office of 3500 square feet takes about 2-3 hours to clean and at least 4-5 hours to dry. Most carpet cleaning businesses across Aldborough Hatch recommend that carpet be cleaned in the late afternoon so that it can be left to dry overnight and office operations can resume as usual the next morning.

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

This carpet cleaning technique was extremely popular until the 1960s and 70s when encapsulation carpet cleaning technology was just introduced in the market. While shampoo carpet cleaning appears to clean heavily soiled carpeting, the disadvantages of the technology – leaving huge quantities of wet foam deposits in the flooring that takes much longer time to dry out, becoming gluey when it dries out because the carpet is not rinsed after shampoo cleaning, and fast re-soiling of carpeting – make this method less popular cleaning option than others. So, now a day’s most carpet cleaning companies do not recommend this as carpet cleaning services Aldborough Hatch.


The encapsulation techniques use synthetic detergent as its base and when it dries, it creates crystals of powder. Loose dirt and dust particles in the carpet’s fibre will be encapsulated into the powder as the synthetic detergent dries. Later, the dry powder is brushed and vacuumed using a vacuum cleaner.

This cleaning technique used less water as compared to carpet shampooing; thus, is one of the most preferred cleaning techniques amongst the carpet cleaning Aldborough Hatch companies. Encapsulation techniques also take short time to dry as compared to carpet shampooing. Plus, the entire services provider who endorses eco-friendly cleaning techniques use encapsulation as it leaves less chemical residue than carpet shampooing.

Although this technique produced good cleaning results, due to limitations, it was unable to thoroughly clean heavily soiled carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning techniques use a motorised cleaning machine with a spinning pad to clean the top part of the carpeting. The cleaning pad is immersed in the carpet cleaning solution to dislodge dirt and dust from the carpeting. This technique produces excellent surface cleaning outcomes.

Bonnet carpet cleaning technique is popular in commercial settings, where there is high traffic and requires quick fix solution. This technique cleans the carpet without much moisture, allowing the carpeting to dry quickly and avoid inconvenience to clients, hotel guests or esteemed dignitaries.

As this cleaning technique cleans the surface and not the carpet deeply, the dirt trapped underneath the flooring will quickly make its way to the surface. This will make the carpet look dirty in no time. Further, due to the high pressure from the heavy machinery used for this technique, chemical residue may get accumulate within the carpeting. Also, the dirt would be trapped within the carpet fibres.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

This technique is also known as compound cleaning and is a new carpet cleaning method that has gained massive popularity. Even the biggest carpet cleaning services Aldborough Hatch use this technique, owing to its effective cleaning outcomes and ease.

The carpet cleaning market has seen numerous cleaning techniques and several cleaning powders and compounds. As this cleaning technique is considered fairly new in comparison and people were hesitant to trust it over the traditional wet carpet cleaning techniques. However, they were shocked to see the results and were happy to use the carpet in less time.

This technique uses a motorised counter rotating brush machine to apply the cleaning powder or compound to the bottom of the carpeting. This application process allows the compound to settle within the carpet fibres and the provider’s deep carpet cleaning results.

The cleaning powder used in this technique is eco-friendly and acts like micro-sponges. This cleaning compound absorbs and breakdown the dirt in the carpeting. And is thoroughly removed at the end of the cleaning process.

Different equipment manufacturers distinguish themselves by creating their own cleaning powder and cleaning compound and customising the design and function of their equipment.

This cleaning technique is safe for carpets made of different fibres. Plus, this technique is highly recommended in commercial offices that stay operational 24×7.

Final Thoughts

Different carpet cleaning companies Aldborough Hatch provide various carpet cleaning services to residential and commercial establishments. For reliable and affordable carpet cleaning services, please contact a professional carpet cleaning companies in London.

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