The Top 6 Websites to Get Free iPhone Ringtones

This article explains how to get free ringtones on your iPhone. If you switched from another operating system to the iOS, one of the things you would miss is the ability to create personalized free iOS ringtones of your favorite songs. Although ringtone providers don’t want you to know this, if you search for them online, you can actually download these songs.

In this post, you’ll learn about six great websites where you can get free ringtones for your iPhone. We’ll also show you how to transfer these downloaded free iOS ringtones from your PC or Mac and make them the caller tone on your iPhone.

1. Kostenloseklingeltone

Kostenloseklingeltone has a large collection of free iOS ringtones organized into categories, making it simple for you to discover a fantastic tone. Latin music, country music, blues, and disco are just a few of the genres available. Kostenloseklingeltone also has an excellent range of non-free ringtones for iPhone as well as Android devices.

What I enjoy about this ringtone download service is that you can learn more about the tones, rather than simply their file size; you may see how many downloads and views it has received, as well as its length, ratings, and uploader. The sheer number of ads on Kostenloseklingeltone irritates me.

2. Klingeltonemp3.com

Klingeltonemp3  is a well-known free iOS ringtone download service that specializes in providing ringtones for a variety of smartphone models, including iPhones.

This fantastic site has two modes of operation. It enables customers to download a variety of iPhone ringtones for free, as well as allowing them to upload their own. Klingeltonemp3, like the other websites listed on this page, also groups its tones into categories, making it easy to locate and download any ringtone you desire.

3. ZEDGE.net

ZEDGE gives you an easy method to discover new free iOS ringtones. You may see the most popular free iOS ringtones and browse through them from the site’s outset. If you come across a tone that you like, ZEDGE allows you to listen to it with a single click.

You may download free ringtones for your iPhone from their huge library of thousands of tones by using the same criteria. You’re also able to look through their large list of iPhone ringtones for free download by specific tone categories. Simply click it and save as an MP3 file to use on your iPhone if you discover a song that you like and want to hear more.

4. mob.org

Mob.org is a prominent destination for mobile games, but it’s also home to some fantastic free iOS ringtones. tones.mob.org is the place to go if you want thousands of ringtones.

This site has ten distinct ringtone categories, each of which is distinguished as Popular, New, and Best of the Month. You’ll get a lot of advertising, but they don’t ruin the surfing or file downloading process.

However, downloading a ringtone from mob.org is difficult and might leave you flummoxed at first try. When you click the Download button, it immediately plays the tone. Instead, on most devices and browsers, right-click it and select “Save As” or a similar option instead.

5. Melofania

Melofania is one of my favorite sites for downloading free iOS ringtones, with a seemingly unending supply of excellent options. One of the special things about Melofania is that you can only choose the hook of your favorite song; for example, you may pick just the chorus.

This website offers a large number of alert noises, actual sounds, as well as popular songs, and you’re sure to discover something you like. The download is simple and takes only one click.

6. Freetone.org

Freetone is a simple website for downloading ringtones. You may play and download any ringtone from Freetone.org without having to register on the site. However, before you download it, you will see comments under each tone, and you will be able to leave yours. Because you won’t have to preview the music because of these comments, you wouldn’t even need to listen to it before downloading it.

Freetone.org makes it a pleasure to download and listen to free iOS ringtones because of how straightforward the process is. The tones are also organized into categories for quick access. Choose the most popular free ringtones for iPhone from Freetone’s homepage for fast alternatives.

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