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The top factors attracting Indian medical aspirants towards Philippines.

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The Philippines has become a popular destination for Indian students who want to pursue a medical degree. It offers MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degree in English. Compared to many other countries such as the USA, UK, and Australia, Philippines has relatively lower fees. One of the main reasons which attracts Indian students is the low education fee.

Cognizance of degree

Medical Council of India (MCI)is the regulatory body for medical education in India, MCI recognizes MBBS degrees from select universities in the Philippines, which is important for Indian students who want to practice medicine in India after completing their education. Similarly, to practice medicine in the USA, students need to clear USMLE exam. Since Philippines follows internationally recognized and American medical educational model it will be easier for students to easily clear the USMLE exam.

Facilities in Philippines medical colleges

The Philippines Medical colleges are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. The Philippines has a good reputation for providing quality medical education. Philippines follows American medical education model which lasts for four years. Medical schools in the Philippines generally have good facilities and resources to support the education and training of their students. Highly experienced medical professionals teach in Filipinos medical schools.  These resources enable students to learn and practice cutting-edge medical techniques and shine where ever they go. Medical schools in the Philippines invest heavily in providing their students with high-quality facilities and resources to support their education and training. To study human anatomy through the dissection of cadavers they have Anatomy laboratories. To practice clinical skills and procedures using high-fidelity mannequins and other simulation equipment simulation labs are there. Medical schools typically have well-stocked libraries that provide students with access to textbooks, journals, and other reference materials. They have well equipped classrooms and research centers. Medical schools often have affiliations with hospitals and clinics where students can gain practical experience in clinical settings.

Education fees in Philippines

Pursuing an MBBS degree in the Philippines is accessible to a broader range of students. The tuition fees in the Philippines are significantly lower than those in other countries and private medical colleges in India. This attracts Indian students towards Philippines universities. United States and Philippines have similar curriculum, Duration, Accreditation, facilities and English as mode of instruction for MBBS. But the fees for MBBS course in the Philippines is very low compared to the United States. Philippines MBBS fees can vary depending on the university and program you choose. On average, the annual tuition fee for an MBBS program in the Philippines can be as low as three lakhs.  The cost of living is also relatively low, making it an affordable option for many. Medical schools in the Philippines offer education in English, which is an advantage for Indian students who may have difficulty studying in a non-English speaking country. In-house hostel facility is provided for the students by the medical universities for a lesser fee. Indian foods are available at the campus. Since the cost of living is low, the food and accommodation fees are also low. These are the key factors make MBBS in Philippines cheaper.

Since, the total education fees to do MBBS in Philippines is low compared to many other countries it fascinates many Indian students. The affordability and quality of education in the Philippines make it an attractive option for Indian medical aspirants.

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