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The Ultimate Café Umbrella Buying Guide for 2023

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A cafe umbrella can be the ultimate fashion statement for your cafe. It can quickly turn your cafe into the ultimate hangout space in the town. 

Branded outdoor umbrellas add personality to your yard through vibrant colors and lets your guests enjoy the outdoors in every weather condition. Outdoor cafe umbrella is therefore a must to for every café owner. Besides, umbrellas you can also choose outdoor marque, and heavy duty gazebo to deck up your café outdoors. But with so many options available in the market choosing the best can be a bit tricky.

Don’t worry because we have got you covered. After extensive research and personal testing, we have arrived at a list of factors that you should consider before your purchase. We also offer you a list of credible alternatives to choose from. So, let’s get started.

Factors to consider before purchasing outdoor cafe umbrellas

Here are some factors that you should have in your checklist before zeroing in on any café umbrella. 

Size– The umbrella’s size is an important consideration for your purchase. Depending on the size, you will also need to determine the base type for steadying your umbrella during different weather types. For optimal shade always choose an umbrella that extends the dining table by two feet on each side. 

Type– From the different types of café umbrellas available, consider one that fits your café decorations, ambiance, and area. The main types available for consideration are market umbrellas, rectangular umbrellas, lighted umbrellas, and cantilever umbrellas. 

Market umbrellas– Also called a patio table umbrella, they have a pole in the middle to fit through the hole in the middle of the table.

Cantilever umbrella– These attach to the pole at one end and are ideal for outdoor seating areas. 

Rectangular umbrella– They have a larger diameter and cover a large outdoor seating area. 

Besides these options, you can also find lighted umbrellas with built-in solar light for night time usage. You can even find umbrellas that combine one or more of the styles combined. 

Accessories– After you have determined the size and style of your umbrella you also need to have a few accessories. And one of the must have accessories is a base. Most outdoor umbrellas don’t come with the base. However, you will need one to make your outdoor café umbrella stand upright. The simple rule for purchasing the perfect base for your umbrella is that its weight should be 10 multiplied by the umbrella’s diameter.

So, for an umbrellas of 7 feet diameter, the base should have a minimum weight of 70 pounds. Bases of different materials are available in the market and they sell at varied price points. So, choose one that fits your purpose and suits your budget. 

Protection– The outdoor marquee, or café umbrella will stand outdoor for hours and bear the harsh sunshine or rain. The long exposure to harsh weather conditions can damage the fabric. However, you can purchase weather resistant covers with Velcro or zipper to protect your umbrella’s fabric. 

Now, that you have a brief idea of the features you should look for, let’s look at some top options available in the market. 

L.L. Bean Sunbrella Market Umbrella

With a height of over 8 feet and canopy diameter 9 feet, this is one of the best outdoor café umbrellas you can have. It is made of high quality materials and offers superior sun protection. The forest green canopy offers people seated under it a cool shade and protects them from harsh sun rays. Besides, it is easy to set up and is quite sturdy once assembled. You can either host it through a table or mount it on a stand. 

Elite  Shade Sun Umbrella 3 Tiers Patio Umbrella

This umbrella stands apart from its competitors due to ease of assembly, durability, sturdiness, one-button tilt mechanism, water resistance, and a host of other attractive features. It can keep the sun away from quite a large area and adds elegance to your café outdoors. The fabric is also effective in repelling rainwater and the colors used have a long life. 

Abba Patio 9’ Tilt and Crank Patio Umbrella

The 9 feet umbrella is easy to set-up and use. It also offers attractive looks and will last you long. You can also tilt the umbrella by turning the crank and put the shade where you desire. You can use it to shade a 42-54-inch table. The only drawback is that it does not come with a base. 

Final words

That by no means is an exhaustive list of best umbrellas available. We just wanted you to get started in your search and offer a peek into the best options available. Have a look at all options available before zeroing in on the best café umbrella or heavy duty marquee and add spark to your café. 

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