The Ultimate Tyre Breakdown: Explore the Various Types of Tyres And Their Purposes.

For your vehicles, tyres are classified into categories. These tires are available in variety. They are usually classified on the basis of size, dimensions, regularity and purpose. This article will mainly explore Car Tyres in Nottingham. Which is the best tyre type for your car? And we will also explore the role of the Car Tyre Centre in Nottingham. All will be discussed in detail so let’s start.

How Many Types of Tyres Can You Have for Your Car in Nottingham?

As we have already explained, you can have different styles of car tyres in Nottingham. You can pick up according to your need. Some types on the basis of tyre Breakdown are discussed below:

  • Bias ply.
  • Radial Ply.

Bias Ply:

The construction of a bias ply tire consists of several plies, each covered with rubber and commonly made of nylon or polyester, arranged at right angles to one another, usually at an angle of 30 to 40 degrees from the tire’s path. A tire with thus many layers is strong and durable, able to bear weights of all kinds. 

Radial ply:

Radial ply tires, in contrast, use polyurethane or steel belt plies that run in the opposite direction of the tire’s rotation. Their sidewalls are often stronger, making them more resistant to punctures and collisions. But, they aren’t as fuel efficient as radial tires since they produce more heat and have more rolling resistance.

Best fuel Economy Car Tyres in Nottingham:

As prices are increasing, people search for economical car tyres. There are few major types we will discuss here:

  • Cheap- Tyres.
  • Mid- Range Tyres.
  • Premium- Tyres.
  • All- Season Tyres.
  • Winter Tyres.
  • Summer Tyres.

Cheap Tyres:

As the name shows, cheap tyres are economically affordable. These tyres provide high grip on slippery roads. Although they are not very high quality but can be used in emergency situations. These tyres are mostly used for temporary purposes. What temporary means? For example you are stuck in an emergency situation. And you don’t find any other source rather than purchasing a cheap tyre for your car. It will be the best choice in this regard.

These tires are not very long lasting because of low quality material. That’s why people of Nottingham prefer high quality rather than cheaper ones.

Mid- Range Tyres:

The widely used type of tyre is Mid-Range tyre. Most of the people in Nottingham prefer using Mid-Range tyres. These are not of high quality but consider the better one for daily use. Keep in mind that they are useful for normal routine travelling. If you think that they are also good for long distances then you may be wrong.

Even the many car tyre centre in Nottingham suggest this type of tyres purposely. Because the experts has deep analysis about the quality of tyre and its half-life also.

Premium- Tyres:

This is one of the luxury forms of tyres that not everybody can afford. But they are of excellent quality of course! Most experts at the tyre centre in Nottingham suggest this type after seeing the condition of the car.

For example they will never go for an old model car having premium quality tyres. These tyres are best for long distance travelling. They are also available in different styles:

  • Dunlop.
  • Bridgestone.
  • Goodyear.
  • Maxxis.

All Seasons Tyres:

These are safe zone tyres. Because they provide optimised quality for all seasons. They are quite expensive but quality is assured. So, if you are very conscious about your car then drive your car with All seasoned Tyres.

Winter Tyres:

In Nottingham, mostly there is winter snow on roads. That’s why specifically winter tyres are designed. To prevent yourself on slippery roads, winter tires are a perfect choice. They are of excellent quality. These tires have excellent material that provides grip to tires to drive on the road. They give smoothe driving experience.

Summer Tyres:

In hot weather, summer tyres are preferred by car tyre centre in Nottingham.  Because in summer, due to hotness high durability of tyres is required. But it is strictly asked not to use the same tyre in all seasons. Because their material is specific to use in summer only. You can also consult to experts at car  tyre centre in Nottingham in this regard.


This article is based on study which reveals that what are the different types of tyres. In which we have discussed a variety of tyre on the basis of style and dimensions. The classification of tyres include summer Tyres, winter tyres, cheap range tyres, medium range tyres, premium tyres and All seasoned tyres etc. There is complete detail on each type of tyre. Which discussed purpose. What tyre centre in Nottingham suggest according to season is also discussed.


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