The Umbrella Academy: Some Facts

Netflix has announced that they’re officially launching the third season of The Umbrella Academy. It’s created to maintain the momentum of season 2 but it leaves you craving for more. This means that all the secrets will be revealed in season 4.

Hargreaves is back to the present time and to his shock, things have changed significantly. Season 3 is full of scenes where the Sparrow Academy is competing to establish its dominance against the Umbrella Academy. This is a contest that is filled with twists and turns and it results in some entertaining episodes.

The hit series started as a comic book when it was created by Gerard Way. He revealed that most of the characters had a little-bit of his personality.

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How Difficult Is It to Resist Reginald Hargreeves?

He is a mysterious figure , you never know what you’re going to get. However, that is what makes him fascinating. It’s difficult to know the truth about him or where he comes from. In the comics, the origin of Hargreeves is ambiguous. However, we know that his homeland was destroyed by war.

It’s difficult to resist Hargreaves because he possesses superhuman powers that help him get what he wants from other people. 

He manages to take all his adopted children to a light supper although they know that he suffers from long term psychological problems. This invitation includes the dead adopted child. This is impressive because he often mistreats his children. This meeting is a family reunion that Reginald has organized to combine his children’s power so that they can cancel the apocalypse. It’s something similar to “Avengers Assemble!” 

But Philip Larkin Had It Right

The siblings have never been happy that Reginald (their adopted father) has always referred to them using numbers. This affected their self-esteem as children. Diego urges his siblings to resist acknowledging these numbers when Reginald arrives for dinner. When Reginald finally arrives, he demands to see the siblings’ superpowers.  However, Luther resists this by claiming that they’re not performing animals. After some time, Diego, Five,Allison and Vanya showcase some of their powers.

The paradox of this scene is that the audience isn’t sure what criteria is used when time traveling in the Umbrella Academy. It’s difficult to predict which kind of consequences will befall mankind if the siblings mess with the timeline and the apocalypse happens.

Online Games With the Theme of the Series Are Possible

Online gamers will be excited at the idea of playing games that are based on this hit series. There are rumors that game creators have been working on new versions of these types of games. We’ll be hoping for world-class graphics similar to the ones used in God of War.

According to sources, Riva Technology and Entertainment has acquired the rights to create numerous mobile games. These games will be based around the Netflix series and the comics. Rivas Technology conducts its operations from the USA and East Asia. The creator has promised to deliver an entertaining game and we recommend gamers to be on the lookout for it.

Mr.CyberGame is another developer that is working on a game that requires you to answer questions about characters of The Umbrella Academy.

There is a card game that allows players to play with their favorite siblings in the series. The exciting game is known as “The Umbrella Academy Game”.  The game brings the captivating series to your tabletop.

Different Powers in the Comics and in the Series

It’s difficult to know all the powers of Hargreeves. However, we know that he doesn’t age and he is a skilled acrobat. He is also a master assassin who is dangerous with weapons and hand to hand combat. He is deadly in many situations but he only kills if this means that it will help humanity. He possesses a genius level IQ and that’s how he created a wealth of technology that improves humans and animals. He is basically an alien Einstein who behaves like Batman.

Luther might not have the most interesting powers but he stands out for having supernatural strength. His nickname is Number One and this means that he is the default leader of the Umbrella Academy.

Alphonso is known for his ability to deflect any damage. He is capable of withstanding vicious blows from Diego and Luther. He can also dish out a good beating. However, this is not a foolproof power and it has caused him to be deformed.

Diego has one of the coolest powers. He is able to manipulate the trajectory of many things. He can literally stop bullets.

Number Five has the ability of space-time manipulation. He can travel through time and he also jumps from one place to another when fighting.

Things get interesting in season 3 after we learn that Klaus is immortal. He can control the dead and exist in the afterlife.

Sloane belongs to the Sparrow Academy and she also has a likable personality. She tries to bring peace between the two families after falling in love with Luther.  She has the power to manipulate how gravity works.

Ben’s body produces some huge tentacles that are very effective when fighting. On paper, it might not seem like the most desirable power. However, it delivers devastating results because it’s very ruthless and bloody. Interestingly, these powers were also used ruthlessly by the “other Ben” from the Sparrow Academy.

There Are 43 Sparrows Hidden Within Scenes on Season Two

The sparrow symbols were used by the creators of the series as a hint that season two would end with an explosive twist. It’s therefore not surprising that the Sparrow Academy made its appearance in the current season. 

The titular characters are yet to face an opponent that is as formidable as the Sparrow Academy. These new entrants can be described as seven children with unbelievable super-powers. This group was born in 1989.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear to see that season 3 will be full of drama as the two academies fight for supremacy. The series is created to leave the viewer in a state of suspense. We don’t know what will happen in the future because the characters are still learning to harness their powers.

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