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Ever wondered how and why the sauces make your food so much better? It’s not like you’ll need a plate full of them but these sauces can still add moisture, flavor, and texture. They make the dish more appealing, help in presentation, and make the food taste better overall.

If you love spicy food, you know the kitchens are incomplete without Spanish sauces. Their rich flavors can be used sparingly and still make the dish a steal. Spanish sauces are more about technique than a strict formula.

And the best part is how flexible they are. You can use them for dipping, marinating, putting on top, or as a dressing for many foods. You can use different spices, veggies, oils, herbs, and even fruits to make them!

Here are some yummy Spanish sauces:

Salsa brava: a hot tomato sauce with spices. Usually eaten with fried potatoes.

Romesco: a nutty sauce with peppers, nuts, garlic, and bread. Good with grilled seafood or veggies.

Mojo: a tasty sauce from the Canary Islands, in green or red. Green has cilantro, parsley, garlic, and spices. Red has paprika, chili peppers, garlic, and spices. Both are used for dipping or marinating meat and fish.

Alioli: a thick garlic sauce like mayo. Often eaten with bread or potatoes.

Bravas sauce:is a savory tomato sauce that features fried tomatoes, garlic, onion, olive oil, and aromatic herbs.It’s usually served with patatas bravas, a popular Spanish tapa.

Some more well-liked Spanish sauces are cabrales salsa, almond salsa, vizcaina sauce, tomatefrito, and tumaca sauce.

So for your next get-together, try one of these sauces and impress your friends and family! Nervous about where to start? If you want to make Spanish sauces at home, look for recipes online or in cookbooks. You can also buy them at the store or online. Get ready to enjoy the yummy Spanish food flavors!

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