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The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2: What Release Date?

The second season of “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” is underway, and this is all we know so far. Ordered as a two-season limited series, the World Beyond story always had to have a proper ending, requiring more than 10 episodes. And there is certainly a lot of preparation for what is to come.

In the two episode World Beyond season 1 finale, Huck got Hope Bennett to come to the Civic Republic without her father. Dr. Joe Bennett, aware of this. And unfortunately for everyone else associated with the Colonia Campus, they have no home to return to. As we saw at the beginning of the first season, the Civic Republic seemed to end the colony.

Although the journey to the Civic Republic is over, the true story fans wanted to see from the beginning seems to be on the horizon with the second season of The Walking Dead World Beyond. After all, one of the most exciting things about the series was getting to the point where it was able to deliver real information for the Walking Dead movies.

What Is The Release Date Of The Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2?

The first season of World Beyond was originally scheduled to air in April 2020. However, it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this delay, however, the writers were able to finalize the story for season 2 and it would now be in production. As there will probably be 10 more episodes, instead of 13-16 as is the case with The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead.

It is likely that the second season of “The Walking Dead World Beyond” will finish shooting and will be released in the summer of 2021. In this way, the release date of season 2 of The Walking Dead World Beyond could be set for September 2021 and it could continue with the eleventh season of The Walking Dead.

What Can We Expect From The Next Season?

The first season of World Beyond establishes a secret and excessive showdown between the Campus Colony and the Civic Republic. Although Hope has agreed to accompany the CRM, she wants to use your information. She told Iris that she had no intention of cooperating. This information is likely to be used to help her and her father, who also has doubts of his own, escape the Civic Republic.

Meanwhile, Felix and Iris are now fully aware of what the Civic Republic has done to the Campus Colony. So they can release an all-out war against the colonies. It is possible that the Campus Colony is allying itself with the people of Portland in retaliation, as one of its own scientists has been killed.

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