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The Warmest and Most Meaningful New Year Wishes 2022

WE ARRIVE at December 31st, the oldest night, and with it we close a year full of much pain, pandemic and goodbyes.

A few hours after receiving the new year, we take stock of a year that we will never forget, our wishes were always imprisoned by a virus that has caused a lot of damage in our lives.

This year there are not going to be party favors, big parties. Each house awaits the visit of this new year with the best wishes and hoping that the shiver of sadness is trapped in this old year that we leave behind.

The vaccine is the new hope that plays with the normality yearned for and remembered by the whole world.

Now is the time to welcome the year with our best allies, our twelve grapes waiting to toast this impending 2022 with Neujahrswünsche.


We wish a year full of vaccination and protection. Hopefully many diseases that are waiting for progress will be able to find solutions whose goal is LIFE. From this article I want to congratulate all the health workers for having shown their strength and courage when facing this terrible virus. They have been our superheroes, our best allies. It is important for the world to understand that in addition to COVID there are other diseases that cannot be stopped, they need movement to be victorious.


We want a year full of love. We are passing through this world and we have to fill our lives with love. Learn that a word full of love can alleviate storms, heal hearts and save lives.


Color each day of this year with happiness. We have to spread happiness around us. Erase sadness with the happiness gum, the one that always manages to be the best pill to be able to live.


We hope a year that manages to banish from our lives all the words that enclose life, confinements, perimeter closures, pandemics.


Let us all build empathic chains, chains that manage to make us better people. Putting ourselves in the place of the one who suffers, the one who needs us. Let us help this world to save this word that every day awaits a solidarity and necessary rescue.


Friend of illusion, hope is the fruit that we want to be born every second of our lives. We want to have her as a travel friend, and that she never leaves her best seat: our hearts and minds.


Let us alleviate the pain, the suffering of each person who is by our side. Each page of the new calendar must be stamped.


This year that is leaving has left us many moments of solidarity that we must not forget. Let’s draw a year where solidarity is our best breakfast that helps us save and communicate many souls damaged by pain, injustice and everything that damages our retinas and hearts.


Hopefully this year we cure everything bad, we cure many diseases, we cure envy, injustice, pain, sadness, pessimism … In short, we cure our myopic gazes by getting to see this world with another healing light.


Deepening every second in compassion, for the evil suffered by the people around us. Let us fill each figure of this new calendar with commiseration.


Each grape waits with joy to enter our interior, to travel every corner of our body. Let’s leave sadness behind, moments that although we will not forget, we have to try to catch moments of peace, of joy to be there. We have learned that waiting and dreams have to be the fuels necessary to build moments of joy.


We are going to put on the suit of humanity every day, its elegance and shine have to be our best allies to build bridges that unite us, that form fraternity and make our world a place where feelings of solidarity affect others persons.

Let’s live this new year always carrying these twelve bunches of grapes with you, wishing all readers and the whole world a good and happy new year. Beautiful pictures and the best and most meaningful Happy New Year quotes in German at the homepage

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