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The evolution of web 2.0 brings the promise of decentralization, blockchain technology, and turning users into owners.

If you are already up to date with the concept of the metaverse and the blockchain, now it’s time to find out about web3. 

The word has gained ATTRACTION in 2020 and continues to be dropped in articles that talk about NFTs, cryptocurrencies, or decentralized finance. But it is much more than that.

Characteristics of the web3

The web3 refers to the evolution of the internet that we know, and its main characteristic is that it will be a decentralized internet and for that, it will use blockchain technology.

All web3 enthusiasts point out that it will be a more democratic, more open web, where the decentralization of services means that anyone can own it. 

And more transparent, because the blockchain data is completely open and public, so participants can see what is happening.

The identity and privacy on this website will be different as well. The identity will be linked to the wallet or digital portfolio of the user who participates in it. 

While on web 2.0 authentication methods such as email plus password almost always require the user to provide private and personal data, on web3 digital wallets are completely anonymous unless the user decides to publicly link them to their identity.

But at the same time, web3 is a model where you must own, you must be the owner of tokens or digital assets to participate.

Broadly speaking, it includes artificial intelligence, 3D graphics, a semantic web, and omnipresence. 

Blockchain is linked with web 3

Apart from artificial intelligence and 3D printers, blockchain and its underlying technologies are the driving force behind the next generation of the World Wide Web. 

Thanks to the blockchain, web 3 will be decentralized because it will eliminate intermediaries and will also facilitate secure international P2P transactions without the need to trust third parties.

With the arrival of cryptocurrencies, decentralized networks emerged that as the adoption of these digital currencies, the creation of decentralized financial applications and platforms increases.

The digital society is changing, so it is necessary to acquire all the possible information to make good investment decisions or management of various related issues.

It also supports the so-called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), which allow certifying ownership of digital assets.

Through this web3 it is sought that the use of currencies such as Bitcoin is more direct and where humans would be interacting more closely with machines. And if you want to trade your bitcoins, visit

The new evolution of the internet

The internet’s appearance in the world caused a significant transformation in a globalized world. 

However, with the appearance of cryptocurrencies, there was not so much emotion for the value proposition that such a powerful financial tool brought with it, whose main objective was to attack the world’s economic processes at the root.

Although it created bitcoin during a reasonably severe economic crisis in the United States and due to a rebound in many power economies in the world, there was a lot of mistrust in its use and management.

Just now, almost ten years after its creation, people are beginning to digest such an innovative investment option to somehow counteract inflationary processes by balancing what is available and what investors are in the future.

It is a precedent to the new boom that moves the technological world, such as the web3. 

It will anchor financial operations to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, where the financial market will be digitized in its entirety, operating from anywhere in the world and with a response to processes around 5 seconds.


Now, since cryptocurrencies are a decentralized system that creates money that is native to the internet, the relevance of this new website for users who use this type of currency is very positive, since they are familiar with the concepts of blockchain and with how technology is run.

However, much of this website has focused on mostly centralized services run by large corporations. Google, Amazon, and Facebook (now Meta) are the main companies with almost complete control of Web2.

They herald the emergence of a multitude of small blockchain services, with the option of earning tokens for the contribution, letting users participate in the governance of the platform. They add to this the option of interacting in a variety of virtual worlds through the avatars that move in decentralized universes.

We are facing a new technology that will take us headlong by the number of changes it proposes and to which we are not used to and much less prepared, but, if we have evolved from web 1.0 to web 2.0, I do not think it is impossible to advance to the web.

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