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‘The Wilds’ Will Have Season 2 On Amazon Prime Video: What To Expect?

Amazon Prime Video has taken little time to confirm the renewal of one of its most anticipated releases this December. With the winning formula “suspense + teens = success” as a starting point, The Wilds had ballots to convince subscribers of the platform from the beginning, and the truth is that it has been. The first installment laid the foundations for his return with a final ‘cliffhanger’ and, just a week after the premiere, the order of season 2 is already official.

The good news has been announced on Instagram by the cast of fiction, who appear celebrating their return for a second stage to the ‘streaming’ platform. However, the fiction creative team had already anticipated their intention to continue telling the story of this group of young adolescents who had not ended up on a desert island by accident, despite what it might seem at first.

“We are very proud of the series, and I think we have given the audience an exciting ‘cliffhanger’ and I hope very very authentic, exciting characters that you want to continue investing in,” said showrunner Amy B. Harris ( Sex in New York ) regarding a hypothetical second season of The Wilds shortly after the premiere. “So, we are hopeful for a second season, but obviously they will have to decide on the platform.” As well. The decision has been made.

What To Expect From The New Episodes Now That They Are Already A Reality?

We have really exciting, fresh and new places to go to. That is the beauty of television, that as you are building it, you should always know where you are going but very open that you can find a right or left turn along the way, which makes it more exciting

However, Harris does not want to blurt out what the entry of the male version of the experiment, Adam’s Twilight, means for the girls in season two. What it does ensure is that the focus of The Wilds will continue to be the girls because we still have a lot to learn about them, both from their past on the island and they’re present after their rescue.

As you may or may not have realized, some of them don’t end up in the interrogation room. We will have to find out why. Let’s explore the stories of the island about what happens and where those girls could be

Other questions that season 2 of The Wilds will have to answer will be those related to the organization that carried out the experiments, how the girls were rescued, what other things happened on the island, and, as Harris pointed out, where are the girls missing in the present.

The season 1 of The Wilds is available in the entire Amazon Prime Video, but the second has not yet an approximate release date.

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