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Theartssite Review Is Theartssite legitimate?

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People rely on online shopping websites to buy everything they need. The greater the number of websites, the higher the risk to the customer. Online fraud is a frequent topic. It is important to research everything before you buy anything. Online shopping is a risky business. No one can afford to lose any money. Today, we’ll be reviewing an online site. We are here to help you with Theartssite Review. 

What is Theartssite?

Theartssite, an American-based online portal, offers a wide variety of sun hats for children and men. Although there aren’t many products on the website, their latest assortment offers some amazing headgear at deeply discounted rates. Be aware that there are fake websites.

This website offers a wide selection of headwear, both for children and adults. They are organic because they are made of straws. The goods are also suitable for children.

Let’s find out more about it. Is Theartssite legitimate? Or not.


  • It’s an online shopping portal that sells sun hats for kids and men.
  • Date of Domain Creation: 2020-05-14
  • [email protected] Email ID for Customer Support is available
  • You can also find the address of the company at 3641 West Hazelwood Street in Phoenix, Arizona, 85019, USA.
  • Customers can reach them by phone if they provide a number and contact name: Sherry Tetz (203) 947-9203
  • The domain name for this website was registered on 14/05/2020. It will expire 14/05/2022
  • PayPal can be used as a third party payment gateway.
  • While you are checkingTheartssite reviewsWe discovered that refunds and returns are possible.
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Pros of Theartssite

  • The address of the company can be found
  • We are available at your service
  • Support is available via email-id
  • You have 30 days to return the item.
  • There is a ten-day refund policy
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Cons of Theartssite

  • It takes too long to get a refund.
  • The social media links on the website don’t work
  • There are many terms and conditions.
  • Only one category of deals.
  • They are limited in their choice.
  • There is no other currency option.
  • Only one payment gateway is supported by vOnly.

Is Theartssite legitimate?

We need to look at the information we have collected in order to determine how safe it really is. Then, you can decide if it is real or fake.

  • An address is available
  • We are available at your service
  • Support email-id available
  • Only one product is available for sale
  • Domain age is very short
  • Social media handles cannot be found
  • Spam is high
  • Domain age is one-year, one-month, and fifteen days.
  • One payment method is possible
  • They don’t offer a wide range of products.
  • The Trust score is not high.
  • Theartssite Review does not allow customers to view their views.

Portal is not very user-friendly. Sometimes it takes many clicks to open any page. Many misleading information is provided. Although they claim they offer refunds and returns, they have so many conditions that it is impossible to believe that their policy. These points indicate that the website isn’t legit.

Customer Review

We tried to find information on the website’s credibility but we couldn’t find any reviews from customers. The website’s social media presence is also poor. Although they have offered different social media links, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, none of them seem to work.

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When you are done checkingTheartssite ReviewWe also found that the portal was not user-friendly. The portal contains a lot of false information. Although they claim they offer refunds and returns, they have included so many conditions that it is impossible to verify that.

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Customers are not kept engaged by the portal. However, the products look dull and don’t offer much. The portal seems to be all about terms and condition.

Final Verdict

We found that the company only deals in two types of products. The website is in a difficult category due to the lack of customer reviews. Word of mouth publicity is the best publicity. However, it must be done with care.Theartssite ReviewsWe couldn’t find any person with experience using the website. It could be a fraud.

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