Things To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Keyboard

The gaming world is far more complex than it used to be, and you need the right tools for the ultimate gaming experience. There are plenty of gaming keyboards on the market, all with different features to stand out. Depending on what type of gamer you are and how often you plan to use the keyboard, you can narrow down your choices. 

Gaming keyboards aren’t just lights and innovative designs. They are all about how they work while in-game and many other factors.

Mechanical or Membrane keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard is a classical computer keyboard where each key has an individual spring and switch. Professional gamers choose the mechanical keyboard to avoid ghosting. Ghosting is when you press more keys at once and they won’t register, or your computer will do the opposite and register more strokes. Mechanical keyboards are more expensive than membrane ones because of their accuracy. 

Membrane keyboards have the keys together, covered by soft plastic, with less movement. Although this model gets less damaged and is protected from dirt, typing on them is slow and inaccurate. You will need to push harder on a membrane keyboard to see your input, but gamers still use them.

Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting

Key Rollover is the computer’s way of measuring how many keys you press at a given time. When you use the computer for leisure or school, you typically use two keys at once. For gaming, you will need a minimum of 5-Key rollovers.

Look for a gaming keyboard with a high key rollover so that you can press more than five buttons simultaneously while gaming. The mechanical keyboards can be very loud and expensive because of their durability, while the membrane ones are nearly silent because of the plastic and are much cheaper.

Great gaming keyboards come with anti-ghosting features so that gamers will not experience issues while gaming. Nobody wants to accidentally bump their teammate as the computer registers different keys when you type. To avoid ghosting, look for the anti-ghosting built-in feature or the minimum five key-rollover.


Most Lenovo gaming keyboards come with backlighting, from single colour to rainbow keys. A gaming setup looks more impressive when you include aesthetics in your build. If you opt-in for a single colour backlit keyboard, you only adjust the brightness. For rainbow keyboards, you can modify the colours and add effects such as wave and colour shift. 

The full RGB has approximately 17 million colours, and you can also adjust them per game. For example, if you want to play WOW, you can set up just the colour orange. Some games even let you set up the keyboard colour when you die or have cooldowns

Final thoughts

You can’t immerse yourself in gaming without a proper gaming setup. All the gadgets have their purpose, and they take the gaming experience to the next level. An exceptional gaming keyboard makes the difference between a typical computer and a gaming computer. Take your time to analyse what type of gaming keyboard you need to make your investment count.

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