Things You Need to Know About Underwater Scooter

Underwater scooters, also known as sea scooters or Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV), are gadgets that can help you traverse through water. While these scooters were initially created to be used by the military, improvements in the design and commercialization of the product led them to be used by all kinds of divers.

While the designs of sea scooters can differ, they all consist of a rechargeable battery, gear shifts to control speed levels, and motor thrusters to propel the DPV forward. The designs often vary between single and dual-thruster models. Subsonus is another next generation USBL that helps provide high level accuracy upto the depth of 1000 meters. 

Nowadays sea scooters are seen as must-have diving equipment. If you’re a water enthusiast, buying an underwater scooter will offer a lot of value in the long run as it’s a one-time purchase with minor maintenance costs. The best thing is it makes the diving experience easier, safer, and much more fun.

How Does an Underwater Scooter Work?

As mentioned earlier, underwater scooters make use of thrusters that are battery-powered. By turning the thrusters on, these scooters can propel the user through any body of water with ease. Adjustable speed modes make it easy for the user to control the rate at which they are traversing through the water.

Moving on, sea scooter designs can also differ in the buoyancy they offer. Most designs are neutrally buoyant, which means that they won’t sink or float regardless of depth. 

However, positively and negatively buoyant sea scooters are also available that cater to the specific needs of divers and snorkelers. Some designs also allow for changing the buoyancy to meet the user’s needs. 

The natural buoyancy in the design of the sea scooter allows the user to dive without worrying about facing any resistance. 

All the components are encased in a waterproof design that not only protects the inner circuitry but also ensures that the user is safe from accidentally injuring themselves by getting their hands too close to the thrusters.

How Do You Use an Underwater Scooter?

Despite its complicated components and workings, using an underwater sea scooter is easy to learn. 

Regardless of the type of the scooter, all you need to do is grab it by the handles, start the thrusters, and navigate through the waters by using your body to steer it. Most scooters also support one-hand operation.

How to Maintain an Underwater Scooter?

While underwater sea scooters can be a lot of fun, using them without caring for the equipment can affect their overall condition. Here are some pointers on what to look out for to ensure your sea scooter remains in perfect condition.

  • Cleaning: Be sure to clean up your scooter after every use. This includes rinsing the propellers with clean water and brushing away the debris that’s stuck in them. We advise submerging the device in clean water and running it for about half a minute to get rid of all the gunk. 
  • Battery: Always make sure that you recharge your scooter after every use.
  • Deep Clean: You should thoroughly clean your scooter every few months.

Having a sea scooter can take your underwater adventures to new levels. Just don’t forget to use it safely and follow the basic maintenance tips mentioned above. Happy diving!

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