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TikTok Marketing Guide for Reaching Gen Z In 2023

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Ever since TikTok integrated into our social media world in 2016, the platform has experienced tremendous growth. TikTok monthly users have grown to 1 billion, with over 2 billion downloads. This projects an excellent marketing strategy for business and advertising agencies, especially in reaching Gen Z users. 

With other social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook becoming oversaturated with competition, one viable option for marketers to invest in is TikTok marketing. Many companies have yet to leverage TikTok, so your brand has a big chance to reap the profits of the platform before your competition makes its first video. 

TikTok allows content creators and businesses to reach a large community of active audiences. It’s a good idea for your business to become one of the early users of TikTok marketing, taking advantage of the TikTok video ad specs to reach the Gen Z market. This article will guide you on how to get the Gen Z audience through TikTok marketing. Keep reading to know the steps to follow to give you a successful TikTok marketing strategy.

What Is TikTok Marketing? 

TikTok marketing is a form of advertising that promotes a brand, service, or product to the app’s user base. The most popular marketing strategies on TikTok include:

  • Creating organic trendy video content.
  • Using common hashtags.
  • Employ TikTok influencers in the ad campaign. 

TikTok has made advertising easy for brands. This includes helping them create a self-service advertising platform that makes it easy to develop engaging content for their ad campaign. TikTok video’s can vary in length, but the most engaging content captures attention within the first 3-5 seconds.

Reasons Why You Should Consider TikTok Marketing 

  1. Effective Audience Reach and Engagement 

TikTok has many audiences spread across over 150 countries and has become one of the most downloaded apps globally. With these benefits, brands can achieve their marketing objectives by reaching the exact audience they want. 

  1. Precise Targeting of Potential Customers 

TikTok allows you to target the right audience interested in your business. This audience grouping occurs by choosing gender, age, interest, and location. You can also create an audience listing based on your existing customers.  

  1. Transparent Metrics and Trusted Data Partners 

TikTok also has a transparent measurement tool that helps you track your ads’ performance. It’s similar to Facebook measurement tools, as it uses a tracking pixel to monitor your ad performance and measure results by tracking your website traffic. 

TikTok Marketing Guide 

Developing successful ads on TikTok is easy compared to what you know. To achieve your marketing goals, you must start by creating a campaign, building ad groups, and producing your video. A business needs to understand how these components are intertwined with each other so that it can develop a successful ad campaign. Here is a step-by-step guide to TikTok marketing: 

Develop a TikTok Ad Campaign 

The first step to marketing on TikTok is to create a campaign and state your campaign objectives. Examples of goals for your campaign can be app installation or website traffic. Here are steps to follow to make a TikTok ad campaign: 

  • Campaign Objectives: before creating a campaign for your ad, you must draft your objectives. You would answer questions like if you want to increase your website traffic, drive conversation, boost brand awareness, or boost sales. All these objectives can be classified in TikTok under three categories, conversion, awareness, or consideration. 
  • Campaign Budget: This determines how much you are willing to spend on your ad campaign. It is structured so that your ad will stop being displayed when your budget gets exhausted. Campaign budget helps you track your marketing budget, control the delivery of your ad and measure its performance. You can choose either a No limited (unlimited) budget or a Daily/lifetime budget. 

When creating a TikTok ad campaign, you can create ad groups. You can even create multiple ad groups to improve your ads performance. How, then, is an ad group created? 

Create an Ad Group 

TikTok marketing has assisted brands in creating an opportunity to set up ad placements, budgets, schedules, objectives, bids, and target audiences for each ad group created. Here are steps to set up an ad group in TikTok adverts manager. 

  • Step 1 – Ad Placements 

Advertising on TikTok allows you to choose your ad placement or let TikTok help you optimize your ad delivery across various arrangements by choosing Automatic Placements. 

  • Step 2 – Ad Details 

This is a section in the TikTok ad process where you will fill out every detail related to the website, product, service, or app you are promoting. Here are some of the information you will fill in: 

  • Promotion Type – this depends on your campaign objective (website traffic or app installation).
  • Name of your brand or app 
  • The profile image which accompanies your ad. 
  • Select the category of your ad 
  • Advertisement tags that describe your app or website. 
  • You can either set the user’s comment on or off, depending on if you want comments on your ad. 
  • You can also determine if viewers can download your video ads. You can turn it off if you wish. 
  • Step 3 – Creative Type

TikTok provides businesses with automated creative optimization. When turned on, this option automatically generates a combination of all your creative assets, including ad texts, pictures, and videos, and then delivers the best-performing combinations. 

  • Step 4 – Targeting 

TikTok allows you to create a group or lookalike audience. You can also choose your audience based on demographics, age, interests, carrier, gender, operating system, etc. 

  • Step 5 – Budget and Schedule 

After you have set your audience target for your ad, you can proceed to choose your ad budget and schedule. The smallest budget to select if you choose a daily or lifetime budget is $20. TikTok allows you to set a start and end time for your ad content. You can also select a date range or run the ad continuously. 

Another feature TikTok offers to brands is departing, where you can choose a time frame you want your ad to run in a day. Depending on your budget, you can select 24 hrs. a day or 12 hrs. 

  • Step 6 – Bidding and Optimizing your Ad 

TikTok marketing allows you to select a bidding and optimization option; you can use a third-party tracker to monitor your ad performance. Your optimization goal can be set automatically because of your campaign objectives, except if you want other optimization options. Then TikTok will select your billing events (Cost per mile, cost per click) based on your optimization choice. The delivery type can drain your budget quickly if you accelerate your ad schedule. On the other hand, it can spend your budget evenly with the regularly scheduled campaign time. 


TikTok video marketing is similar to other social media platforms you use for your ad campaign. However, coupled with this article, TikTok has a self-service ad manager to aid you with advertising on the forum. It takes little time to get familiar with and use it effectively.

TikTok marketing is an effective strategy for brands to invest in if used smartly. TikTok marketing is currently unsaturated but has a lot of untapped potential to lead the marketing sphere, offering increased engagements and sales. Being the social media platform with one of the highest percentages of Gen Z users, it’s paramount to start using this platform for your ad campaign.

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