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If you are searching for the fastest and easiest to use TikTok video downloader, then tikxd is what you are looking for. Tikxd is a powerful and optimized video downloader that will allow you to download your favorite videos with a few clicks. Tikxd is completely free to use and has a variety of options to choose between when downloading a video. Besides its function to download TikTok videos, it also has a popular videos section where you can watch and discover the currently most popular TikTok videos in your country. If you click on any of these videos you will be able to download them easily. If you want to know how to download any TikTok video using its URL, keep reading.

Tikxd, the Advanced Tiktok Downloader

Tikxd is the most advanced tiktok downloader without watermark. When we download a video, the watermark printed on it can be very annoying. With tikxd you can get rid of the watermarks forever. Other TikTok downloaders are limited to a fixed number of downloads per day, tikxd allows you to download unlimited videos without any restriction. And in case it was not enough to convince you that tikxd is the most advanced TikTok downloader, let us tell you that it will give you the possibility to convert any video to an mp3 file with just one click and download it to your device. There is no doubt, tikxd functions and capabilities are much more advanced than that of its competitors.

Tiktok Downloader HD

Tiktok video download never was so easy. With tikxd you can download TikTok videos while preserving their highest possible quality. Tikxd is the best tiktok downloader hd you will ever find. With this tool, you can save any video in mp4 format, with high definition, and with low file size. Mp4 is still the current best format to compress and save videos with a minimum and unnoticeable quality loss. If the original TikTok video was recorded in 4k, then your downloaded video will be in 4k as well. You don’t need to install any apk on your phone, computer, or tablet to use tikxd. You can use it as an online tool: just open your preferred web browser and search tikxd in google, open the first result and enjoy downloading all the videos that you want.

How to use Tikxd?

To use this TikTok downloader you just need to follow three simple steps. First, open TikTok through a web browser and search for the video you want to download. Second, copy its URL direction which is located at the top bar of the browser. It will look like this: Lastly, open tikxd website and paste the URL you had already copied inside the white input field located just below the title Download Tiktok Video. This input has a text which says “Paste a TikTok video URL here…”, so it is easily identifiable. Now, just wait for a few seconds while tikxd algorithms do their job and convert your video. After that, three download buttons will appear.

You can choose between downloading the TikTok video without watermark, downloading it with watermark, or downloading only the audio of the video converted to an mp3 file. Below all these buttons will be another one that says “Download another video”. So if you press it, you will be able to repeat the process. You can repeat it as many times as you want. Tikxd also has the option to mass download TikTok videos, which will save you a lot of time if you want to download a user’s full profile for example.

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