Timepiece Gentleman Scam About Timepiece Gentleman!

A YouTube Group, discussion forum and YouTube Group consider Timepiece Gentlemen to be a scam. The official website and social media page for Timepiece Gentlemen are no longer functional. They claim that they collected $2000 cash from hundreds collectors in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. They also promised to sell Rolex watches wholesale.

It is being viewed as a scam by many people because it has its SquareSpace and Instagram pages down as well as the Dallas office. However, it appears that the store has a large stock of watches and money. Let’s now find out about Gentleman Scam.

About Timepiece Gentleman

Timepiece Gentleman is the most prestigious watch shop. It is located at CT #65 in Dallas, TX, 75201, USA. It has the ability to pick up and shop in-store, and has a wide customer base.

Timepiece Gentleman, a trusted dealer in Rolex watches is Timepiece Gentleman. The store recently made headlines after its website and social media page went down. The store is owned by Marco Nocolini, and Anthony Farrer. They formed a partnership to create the business model you see today.

What’s a Timepiece Gentleman Scam?

After their official website was down, a discussion forum and social media group looked into storing a scam.

Squarespace is currently unavailable and their Instagram page is also not functioning. The Dallas office is also closed and the gilt logo at the front door of the store has been scratched. Consumers are now suspicious.

In order to sell Rolex watches wholesale, the store collected more than $2000 from various collectors. The store’s official website, shop, and social media page have stopped working since they received the money. This has led to consumers deeming it a scam. This is Gentleman Scam.

Is Timepiece Gentleman real or a scam?

However, the Dallas office, website and social networking page of the store are not functional. This doesn’t prove that it is a fraud.

Many consumers used social media and forums to discuss the matter. However, none of them have confirmed that the looting took place. The group was supported by consumers who said they were a reputable company with a track record of success and that doing a Timepiece Gentlemanscam seems awkward.

At the moment, there is no information on whether the group swindled $2000 from consumers. Readers must wait until confirmation is posted online. Consumers must wait for confirmation online before they can review the comments and discussion.


Timepiece Gentleman is a well-known Dallas store with thousands of satisfied customers. SquareSpace has shut down the website and Instagram pages of the store. This is a surprise as the owners recently raised $2000 cash from collectors, promising to offer Rolex watches at affordable rates.

The website and social media pages have not been responsive, so people consider it a Gentleman Scam. It is not confirmed by the government.

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