Tips for Filing a Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim

Riding a motorcycle is usually fun and safe, especially if you’re skilled. Unfortunately, things can quickly take a turn, and you get hit by a negligent driver. Motorcycle accidents tend to be severe and can change the life of a motorcyclist. By following these tips, you can protect your rights and help your lawyer build a case. Here are some tips for filing a motorcycle accident insurance claim. 

Seek Medical Treatment

Although some accidents leave motorcyclists severely injured and unconscious, other injuries aren’t obvious. Some injuries will only manifest after a few hours or days. Before you can file your motorcycle accident claims, seek medical care first. The medical documents you get will be useful when dealing with the insurance company. Also, after an accident, you have a grace period before filing a claim. This ensures you heal before you start pursuing compensation.

Gather Evidence About the Accident

If you can, collect evidence at the scene of the accident. Take photos and videos. These are invaluable when determining your level of claim and the compensation you deserve. If there are witnesses, get their contact as well. Don’t forget to document your injuries. This is an effective way to ensure the insurance company pays for the hospital expenses you incur. 

Inform the Insurance Company About the Accident

Although you’re recovering from an accident, contacting the insurance company as soon as possible will facilitate a smooth claims process. You can have a family member or a friend help you with this as you recover from the injuries.

Avoid Signing Any Documents From the Insurance Company

Once insurance companies learn about your accident, they will likely reach out with an offer and ask you to sign documents. This isn’t advisable. Simply tell them you need to talk to an attorney first. You may wonder how a motorcycle accident lawyer can help in this situation. A lawyer will review the documents and ensure you get a fair settlement. Also, don’t sign medical authorization forms. An insurance company can look at your medical history to try and claim some injuries are from the past.

Don’t Repair the Motorcycle Immediately

Although you want to fix your motorcycle immediately and get back on the road, don’t. The damaged motorcycle is part of the evidence that can prove the liability of the party at fault. It can also be used to show just how serious the accident was. Be patient while waiting for your attorney to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company.

Avoid Posting Anything on Social Media

Many people have harmed their claims by simply posting photos of themselves or talking about the accident on social media. Insurance companies will often review victims’ social media photos and post to try and find malingering evidence. If you have posted a video of yourself at the gym after the accident, it means you aren’t injured severely, as you claim. The insurance can use this as evidence to give you a lower settlement than you deserve.

Document All Expenses

Documenting any expenses you incur related to a motorcycle accident is important. Start with the medical bills. Motorcycle accident injuries are often more severe than car accidents which means the medical bill is higher. To avoid making a huge loss, document the medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, prescription costs, and income losses. Give your lawyer this information as part of the evidence. It will help in determining the settlement you deserve.

You may be hurt and disoriented if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident. The last thing you want is to deal with an insurance company. However, this is a necessary step to help with your claim. Follow these tips to help make the claim filing process a little smoother.

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