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Tips for Making Your Home More Accessible

Making your home more accessible to everyone can be beneficial in numerous ways. Even small steps can make a big difference. Here are tips to help you create a more welcoming space: 

Start by mapping out your home and finding any obstacles 

Making your home more accessible is an important task to undertake in order to ensure that everyone feels comfortable when visiting and moving around within it. The best way to start is by mapping out your home and taking an inventory of any obstacles that may exist. This includes anything from the front steps being too high to the hallways being too narrow. 

It can be quite remarkable how everyday features we take for granted like doorways, staircases, and bathrooms can become barriers to easy access if not designed or laid out properly. Having a thorough understanding of these complications then puts you in a position where you can actively work to remove or lessen their impact and make your home ultimately easier for everyone to access.

Install handrails along stairways or hallways

Installing handrails along stairways and hallways, for example, is one of the most basic ways to improve the accessibility of your home. Handrails for staircase can improve the safety, independence, and confidence of those who have difficulty walking up or down stairs, or navigating hallways with obstacles such as furniture and doorways.

Depending on the situation, handrails may also be able to provide extra support for visitors who rely on walkers or wheelchairs in order to get around. Regardless of which type of handrail you decide to install in your home, having them there will make a big difference in making your space more accessible and inviting for all.

Correctly position light switches and door handles

One important step you should take is properly positioning all light switches and door handles. Light switches should be placed between 37-48 inches from the floor – this allows even children to turn them off and on independently. 

Placing door handles at 32-36 inches is similarly important, as it makes it possible for those who are less mobile to open and close doors with ease. The time spent making sure these measurements are correct will ensure that everyone in your home is able to safely maneuver around the space.

Replace traditional door knobs with lever handles

When it comes to making your home accessible, door handles should not be overlooked. Replacing traditional doorknobs with lever handles is a small modification that can have a big impact. Lever handles are far easier to use than knobs, especially for those who have mobility or flexibility restrictions; they provide more leverage and require less gripping and twisting motion. 

Modern lever door handles come in a variety of styles, from contemporary to classic, so you won’t have to sacrifice style for convenience. This simple change will make it much easier for you and your family members to get in and out of your home with ease.

Remove area rugs that could cause tripping hazards

Making your home a safe and accessible place to live can be accomplished by removing area rugs that could present a tripping hazard. Loose carpets, or any other articles on the floor, can be treacherous and cause serious injury if someone were to stumble. By eliminating these obstacles from frequently used pathways, you can greatly reduce the risk of falls which will help the safety of all members of your household. 

In addition to removing rugs, it is also wise to arrange furniture so that it does not block passageways and make sure stairs are well-lit with supporting hand railings. All these steps should be taken to ensure that everyone in your home can feel secure and move about without incident.

Provide adequate seating throughout the house

Having enough seating in your home is an important part of making it more accessible. After all, if your family members or guests can’t sit comfortably, they won’t feel welcome. Choose chairs and couches with durable materials that will support everyone’s bodies and provide the right level of comfort no matter where they are in the house. 

Furthermore, you should select pieces to match your decor, as this will tie the entire space together while helping create an inviting atmosphere. With some careful thought and adequate foresight, having enough seating throughout your home can be a simple way to make it accessible and comfortable for all who visit.

Maintain your driveway

Making your home more accessible by keeping your driveway in good condition is important. As asphalt wears down over time, it can cause bumps and holes that make it difficult to navigate. If you live in Utah, asphalt paving is the most common repair method to keep your driveway looking its best and prevent damage from occurring. Investing in asphalt paving will help make sure your driveway remains safe for visitors or those with mobility issues for years to come.

Investing in making your home more accessible not only allows for greater convenience but also creates added safety for all who enter.

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