Tips for renting a yacht in Toronto

Toronto offers remarkable opportunities for enjoying yacht holidays. The city has some of the best scenic beauty in the world, with lakes, rivers, and canals all sprinkled throughout.

The city’s waterfront is dotted with restaurants, parks, and shops—it’s also home to one of Canada’s most iconic landmarks: the CN Tower.

You can rent boats from an online venue for canoe rental Toronto and explore the city. Or you can take an excursion on the Toronto Islands—a cluster of islands just north of downtown Toronto—and explore nature in its rawest form.

This blog will discuss some practical tips for an amazing yacht holiday. 

Tips For Renting a Yacht in Toronto

When you’re looking to rent a yacht from an online venue for yacht and kayak rental Montreal or Toronto, there are many things to consider. How much do you want to spend? Where will the boat be moored? How long will the rental last? Will it be available for your required dates?

Here’s a breakdown of the factors that you should consider. 

Renting a yacht is a great way to experience the open waters and get out of town. But it’s not always uncomplicated to know what you’re getting into. Here are some tips for renting a yacht: 


The cost of renting a yacht will vary by location, length of rental, type of yacht, and more. 

Before you start looking for a yacht, it’s important to have a rough estimate of how much you want to spend or can afford. If you’re new to renting yachts, try to keep your budget in mind when choosing one—you don’t want to put a dent in your financial planning. 

Fortunately, with online venues for yacht and canoe rental Toronto, you can use the filter feature to search vessels within your stipulated budget. 

Type of yacht

Many types of yachts are available for rent, including catamarans and cruisers. Some can be faster than others; others might have more amenities; still, others have their own unique features that set them apart from typical vessels in their class. 

Ensure that whatever type it’s suitable to accommodate your guestlist comfortably and cater to your travelling plans. 

Browse through the versatile listings hosted on the online venue for yacht and kayak rental Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver. 

Rental duration

You should also consider how long you want your rental period to be before deciding on a yacht—the longer the rental period, the more expensive it will be for both yourself and your guest! 

Consider how long your trip will be (how many hours), what activities you plan on doing while on board (skiing? fishing? sailing?), and whether or not there are any age restrictions on who can participate (is there anyone who might be too young?).


Location does matter when it comes to renting a yacht. If the location is remote, or if you’re planning to explore several destinations, your fuel expenses will be higher. 

However you plan to explore the Toronto skylines and dock at a convenient location to enjoy a party, your fuel expenditure might be considerably less. 

Connect with the vessel owner directly through the integrated messaging system provided by online venues for yacht and canoe rental Toronto. Share your holiday requirements. 

What Should You Pack During Your Yacht Charter Holiday?

If you’re planning a boating trip, there are a few things that you should definitely pack before you set off. Here are our suggestions:

  • Waterproofing: You don’t want your phone or camera to get wet, so make sure they have some sort of waterproof case or cover.
  • Batteries: Make sure you have enough batteries for your phone and camera so that you can take lots of photos and videos.
  • Food: You never know when hunger will strike, so ensure there are snacks onboard! We recommend bringing lots of healthy options such as nuts, dried fruit, granola bars, and energy drinks like Gatorade or Powerade. Don’t forget some high-energy snacks like gummy bears or candy corn!
  • Sunscreen: You’ll want to protect your skin from getting burned by the sun’s rays, which can cause serious damage if not treated immediately. Make sure to reapply your sunscreen multiple times throughout the day.
  • A good book: It’s always nice to have something to read while on the water, and having something like The Catcher in the Rye or Lord of the Flies is always a great choice. You can also bring along your favourite audiobook if you prefer listening over reading—just make sure that it has an audio device so you can listen as you sail!
  • Sunglasses: The sun is strong out there, so it’s important that you wear sunglasses whenever possible. This can be especially important when swimming or snorkelling—you don’t want to risk being blinded by bright sunlight at any point during your trip!
  • ID proof: It’s always safe if every guest carries their own ID. 

Safety Tips For Your Yacht Charter Holiday

  • Always wear a lifejacket and follow the directions when using it. Be sure that all passengers have life jackets before setting off on your adventure!
  • Check the weather! If there are any warnings about dangerous conditions, such as large waves, high winds, or rough seas, be prepared by knowing where you will anchor and how long it will take to get back on land if things get bad enough. 
  • Don’t operate the vessel if you’re intoxicated. It’s illegal, and you’ll face legal consequences for operating a yacht under the influence. Don’t risk it! If you’re planning to enjoy your favourite drinks, renting an “operator inclusive” yacht is best. 


Renting a yacht is an amazing way to get out on the water. Not only can you enjoy the thrill of sailing, but you can also explore new places and take in the sights. 

With online venues for yacht and canoe rental Toronto, you can choose from any number of yachts and go where you want when you want—and it’s usually much cheaper than buying one yourself!

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