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Tips on how and which countertop to choose for the kitchen

The countertop for the kitchen is the most important visual and functional component. The durability of the kitchen set directly depends on its quality. One of the most important decisions when buying a kitchen countertop in Austin is the choice of material for the manufacture of countertops. After all, it is she who is exposed to the maximum number of negative influences, since the cooking process is carried out directly on it, which means that splashes of fat and boiling water, beating meat, cutting food, hot dishes, juices, coffee, tea – all this can damage the countertop. And in general, the kitchen is not the best environment for furniture – almost always an increased level of humidity, a sharp temperature change, and so on. So what is the best countertop for the kitchen? Let’s answer this question in as much detail as possible!


There are many popular materials for making kitchen countertops. Each of them has its own characteristics. You need to choose the best option in terms of price, appearance and ease of care.


Natural granite is costly, but the high price is more than justified by the strength, durability and appearance of the countertop. A granite countertop is not only beautiful, but also unique, because, in nature, there are no two pieces of granite with an identical pattern. The surface of a Austin granite countertop can be natural or shiny, or polished.

A natural stone countertop will serve in your kitchen for several decades. The only drawback is the fear of granite falling on heavy objects, because of this it cracks.

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If you like stone, but natural material is too expensive for you, choose an artificial countertop for the kitchen. The material is a mixture of granite chips or quartz and an acrylic base. Artificial stone is available in many colours and is more durable than natural granite or marble.


Among the stone countertops, there are also concrete models. Concrete is painted with unique pigments and polished. Concrete is cheaper than artificial stone, but it is not as strong and durable.


Marble is also often used to make countertops. An elite stone is expensive, which is reflected in the countertop cost. But a white table with classic grey veins will make your kitchen sophisticated and stylish.


Solid wood is a very beautiful, strong and durable material. For countertops, saw cut wood is usually not painted but varnished to show the beautiful structure of the material. Wooden countertops organically fit into classic and country interiors.


For the manufacture of glass tabletops, tempered glass with a glossy surface or matte coating is used. A pattern is often applied to the surface of glass tabletops.

Stainless steel

Countertops are more common in cafes and restaurants. They are valued for their durability and ease of maintenance, besides, the metal does not accumulate bacteria.

Chipboard and MDF

Countertops made of laminated chipboard or MDF are the cheapest. These countertops are usually included in a set of inexpensive furniture sets. A special coating prevents the board from getting wet and swelling. The service life of countertops made from wood products is usually limited to 5-10 years.

How to choose a countertop?

To choose the right countertop, you need to follow just four simple steps:

Estimate your budget. The cost of the countertop is one of the main constraints. Sensibly evaluate your capabilities, it is unreasonable to buy a granite countertop that will cost as much as two kitchen sets. The cost of a countertop is determined by its area. Measure your kitchen to ask the store for the exact cost of the countertop.

Choose a colour scheme. If natural stone is limited in colour, all other materials can have completely different colours and patterns. Choose a countertop in a neutral colour that will harmonise with the colour of the furniture and backsplash in the kitchen.

Select the countertop material based on the specifications above.

Buy a tabletop. You have to decide whether to buy a countertop for the kitchen or order it to be made according to individual sizes. Ready-made countertops or their blanks are much cheaper than custom-made ones. Usually they are made of chipboard, MDF or wood. A standard size blank can be cut to the desired length yourself.

If your kitchen has custom dimensions or you don’t get along with building tools, it’s best to order a countertop according to your sketches. You can take measurements yourself or call a professional measurer for this. The cost of manufacturing a countertop usually includes its delivery and installation.

You need to choose a countertop based on your habits. Beautiful granite and marble countertops are suitable for people who rarely cook something large, metal countertops for professional chefs, and acrylic or MDF countertops for families with children.

The countertop should be well-fitted to your dimensions so that there are no gaps between it and the wall.

With careful use and proper care, any countertop will serve you for many years.

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