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Tips to choose the best residential painters in Melbourne

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When painting your home, there is no space for compromises of any kind and you would not want to settle for anything else but the best. But while we all start with this mindset, sometimes we ignorantly sign up for a not-so-perfect service and experience. Simply because finding the best residential painting company in Melbourne from a lot of hundreds is not an easy task. So, we often end up making the wrong choice and regret it afterward. But to save you from all such choices, from our expert team of exterior and interior house painters in Melbourne, we have brought a few tips to choose the best painting company for your next residential project. So, follow these tips and we guarantee that the best painting contractors will be at your doorstep to offer the best painting services.

1.  Always go for an experienced team

May you be painting a canvas or a wall, painting is an art that needs to be practiced and polished over the years. While anyone can paint the walls of their home but for doing it right, you need expertise that comes through experience. For beautifully painted durable interiors and exteriors, every stroke of the brush counts, and each of these strokes need to be perfect. And you can always trust an experienced team of residential painters in Melbourne with this.

Also, experience means not just the number of years that they have been in the painting industry but the number of projects that they have undertaken in the meantime. Years without a strong portfolio don’t count as experience, so enquire about the projects that they have undertaken as house painters in Melbourne.

2.  Compare the prices and pick the most cost-effective option

While on the lookout for house painters in Melbourne, your priority would be to find the best services at the best possible prices, basically a cost-effective option. Never compromise on the quality while targeting affordable services and quality service shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. What you need to do is find a balance between the two. And for finding this said balance, research is the key. Don’t settle for the first painting company that you come across but get quotes and compare the prices of every potential company and get an idea of the industry prices. Once you have an estimate, from the lot pick the option that offers the best services at a reasonable price.

Here, considering their warranty policy is also important so that in case a problem arises, it can be sorted out without you having to spend any more money.

3.  Inspect the quality of materials used

The durability of any painting service depends upon the quality of the materials used. The better the quality the more your walls and ceilings will remain flawless and beautiful for the years to come. And compromising on this front would mean paving the way to chipping, peeling interiors, and exteriors that become an eyesore. But more importantly, low-quality paint contains Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in high quantities and these compounds are not good for your health or the environment.

In short low quality materials:

  • Are not a durable option.
  • Can lead to several health and environmental hazards.
  • Doesn’t offer a perfect finish.

So, it’s very important that before you decide to engage with a residential painting company in Melbourne you check which materials they would be using for your project.

4.  Go through their client testimonials

Any trustworthy and reliable team of house painters in Melbourne will have a line of happy customers to back their claim of being the best in the industry. So, to know that if a company is your right pick, go through their customer reviews. You can find it in the client testimonial section of their website. Also, what one can always do is consult the people around you including your friends, family, and neighbors and inquire about the painting services that they have availed in the recent past. If they have been happy with the service, you can confidently proceed with the residential painting company in Melbourne that they recommend.

5.  Skim through their past projects

It’s rightly said that your work speaks millions about the quality and efficiency of your service, way more than words do. So, when considering any residential painting company in Melbourne, ask them to show a portfolio of the work that they have undertaken in recent years, this could include both photos and videos. This will help you determine the standard of their work and decide if they are capable of undertaking your painting project. Also, by this you will get to know about how diverse their skill sets are and if they have experience in undertaking works of all scales. So, make an informed choice after familiarizing yourself with their work.

These were our 5 tips to find the best residential painting company in Melbourne. And we are proud to announce that we stand firm on all these grounds. So, if you have a residential painting project that you wish to be undertaken with utmost perfection, then get in touch with us at Blue Sky Coatings and enroll for a painting experience that would never regret.

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