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Tips to choose the best tote bags for work

Nowadays, a tote-bag is not only a popular accessory among women, but a must-have item in every closet. Because, let’s be honest, if you choose the right design you are going to look so good and its shape make this bag super easy to carry. So, if you are all about feeling cozy while you are at the office, then our top pick is definitely a canvas, nylon or leather tote bag.  In this guide, we are going to tell you some of the things you need to take into account before making your purchase.

Your type of work

The right bag will be good for you only if it is capable of meeting your particular needs, and we cannot stress this enough. A handbag can look awesome but if you feel uncomfortable with it due to its features, you will not look as good. Remember that the way you feel is what you reflect to others. For example, if you work at an office where you need to take your files, binders, books and maybe your tablet or other devices, then you need a bag which offers you long-term durability. Maybe it will also be helpful to find a tote bag with a few compartments to separate your things. Another case would be if your work requires you to go out often, then you might need a resistant fabric that preserves the color and texture over time.

Your style

Here, the golden rule is to choose a bag that compliments the way you look. There are many beautiful designs for each occasion, so, depending on how you dress is how you want to select your tote bag. If you are a glamorous, elegant lawyer, you could go for a classy leather bag, but this item will not look as good with jeans. In this case, it would be better to use some other fabric such as cotton or canvas, in order to have more balance in your look.

Choosing the right size

If you are the kind of girl you alway carry around a ton of stuff, or perhaps you pack your working material because it’s required for the tasks you do at your job, then you need to bear this in mind while you are looking for a new tote bag. Also, it is helpful to pick an option that frames your shape, a huge bag may overwhelm your look if you are a petite lady. The same applies for straps, when they are long they tend to make you look much shorter. Choosing the right size can help you look better and feel more comfortable when carrying your handbag.

To remember

With this amazing design you can be sure to have both comfort and beauty,  plus this is one of the most remarkable trends of the last seasons. In addition to this, you can enjoy the large space offered by its simple structure, being able to add nearly anything you may need on your bag. You can find them in all colors, patterns, materials and sizes, which increases your chances to find one according to your preferences at most stores.

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