Tips to get your music heard on SoundCloud

How to Get Your Music Heard on SoundCloud?

When it comes to new and emerging artists in the music industry, SoundCloud is an essential part of the journey. Whether you’re a seasoned professional recommitting to your craft or just starting out, upload your best music tracks to SoundCloud so you can easily promote and share your work across different platforms. 

As the number one global platform for all bands, DJs, artists, and other music creators, you need to get your music heard on SoundCloud if you want to stay competitive in the music space. SoundCloud makes it easy for listeners to stream your music and share your work with others.

This article will provide all the tips you need to get your music heard on SoundCloud and grow in the music industry.

9 Tips to Get your Music Heard on SoundCloud

You should always aim to optimize your digital presence, especially as an emerging artist. To help you get started, here are the essential tips you need to get your music heard on SoundCloud.

1) Create Mesmerizing Album Cover Art

Some people might argue that your aesthetic choices are just as important as the choices you make when your produce your tracks. If you want to attract new listeners, one of the best ways to stand out is by creating captivating and well-designed cover art. Think of it like a snapshot promotion of your music and make it as iconic as possible. When you’re hard to forget, you’re more likely to be heard. 

2) Upload your Best Songs

Once you’re done mixing tracks, and you’re ready to upload them, make sure you only post high-quality songs. You have to consider your SoundCloud page like your portfolio for the music industry; if you want to be heard, you need to include tracks that showcase your expertise and skill. Make sure things like bass are well-balanced to ensure an enhanced listening experience so consider investing in professional mixing and mastering serviceIt will save you a lot of time and a professional will give you valuable tips for the future.  

3) Add the Right Tags

In the same way, you would use hashtags on social media; tags are a great tool to help expand your music reach and acquire new listeners. Before you start tagging anything, make sure you take some time to check out trending hashtags and use those that are relevant in your uploads. When you utilize the proper tags with your music, you’re more likely to attract the right audience and get your music heard by more users.

4) Join SoundCloud Groups

Networking is everything in the entertainment industry, so you should always look for ways to make connections, even in the digital space. SoundCloud groups are a great way to connect with the music community and expand your listenership. Sharing your music with the right people is important for your growth, so if you really want to be heard, make sure you take the time to check out groups that are relevant to your work.  

5) Follow Actively Engaged People

A huge part of being a successful creator is engaging with your followers. Whether a listener is a friend, follower, or creator, make sure you take the time to return the energy given to you. Creative industries are all about connecting and supporting one another, so if you want to be heard more on SoundCloud, make sure you participate. 

6) Use the Waveform Comments Feature

The waveform comments feature is a great feedback tool that allows listeners to leave comments on specific parts of your tracks. The accuracy of this type of correspondence is extremely helpful as you continue to develop your work and expand your reach.

7) Add a “Buy Link” Feature

Luckily SoundCloud isn’t just about the social interactions on the platform, and you can also sell your music online. You can simply add a “buy” button for free when you click on the metadata tab when you are uploading your music. You can connect this button with other platforms like iTunes, Bandcamp, and other websites to draw in more listeners and get your music heard. 

8) Share your Music in Private Sharing Feature

The SoundCloud private sharing feature is a great tool if you want to offer exclusive content to dedicated listeners. When you’re coming up with a new release, you can create excitement with your audience by offering exclusive content (shared via a private link to your SoundCloud) in exchange for posting your target music to any of their social platforms. This helps you get your music heard on SoundCloud while also offering something in exchange to the listener. 

9) Increase SoundCloud Plays

One of the best ways to gain notoriety in the digital music space is to increase your SoundCloud plays. The easiest and more effective way to do this is by buying plays from a trusted social media marketer. 

Media Mister is the top choice for getting real plays on your SoundCloud music to expand your reach and grow your musical career. 

Benefits of buying plays include:

  • Kickstart your new songs
  • Get more organic plays
  • Strengthen your social media presence
  • Better chance of going viral
  • Get noticed on the platform
  • Get signed with a major record label

Media Mister is different from your average “pay for play” service. With organic & safe sources, you can rest assured that when you buy real SoundCloud plays from Media Mister, that increases your credibility. Offering secure payment, fast delivery, and reliable chat support, you’ll never be without the resources you need to get your music heard and perform at your best on the SoundCloud platform.


At the end of the day, if you want to get your music heard on SoundCloud, you need to treat it like any other social media platform and stick to a plan. With the tips above, you’ll be able to run a successful promotion of your music and gain the listenership you deserve.

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