Tips to Move your House Plants Safely to Your New Home

Plants are blessings in disguise. There’s no doubt that plants offer numerous benefits, whether houseplant or garden plants. Packing and moving a plant to another house might be a hassle if not done before. It is more like the relocation of your baby. It would be best to avoid certain things that can spoil your plant. The plants are susceptible, so they must be taken under a specific ambiance. To transport plants, you need to know some helpful tips that can ease the process.

 While moving the plant, one need to pertain extra care so that the plant stays in their proper condition. You need to make sure that you pack them well before moving, so they can be transported in new condition. But if you have no idea about packing and moving of plant then don’t panic. Here you will come to know how to move plants without killing them. 

How to pack them

  • If you are moving at a very short distance, like, across town or city, pack your plants in boxes open at the top. You must put cushions or papers by your side to avoid breaking while transporting plants. Then take them in your car, and you are good to go.
  • If you are moving them at a long distance to another state or something, it can be a hassle. You need to avoid keeping your plant in a too hot or cold ambiance. Please open the windows of your car, and keep watering them whenever needed.
  • If you have taller plants, put sphagnum peat moss on the top of the plants. Secure them by wrapping them around with tape or lies. Keep them side without messing with the potting mix.
  • If you are moving out in winter, it can worsen the plant. Make sure to cover them with paper. As the plants are sensitive, they can get affected by severe cold. Try to transport plants by least exposing.

How to move plants without killing them 

  Now, if you are correctly done with the packing of your loving plants, then it’s time to move them without injuring them. Now, you have to make up your mind about how you plan to move them. Read below to choose one at your convenience.

Moving consultant

Moving consultants can drastically reduce your hassle to transport plants. Considering to hire them can be an option. They can easily pack and move stuff at minimal costs without any stress. They are the best in their job for moving house stuff or your office utilities.

Rental trucks 

If you are loaded with too much luggage and plants, rental trucks can work for you. Renting them to transport plants can be budget-friendly, and it’s an alternative to hiring moving companies. 

If you are moving with a bunch of stuff, then considering a big truck of 24-foot is a good choice—research the fuel prices and service charges to adjust your budget. Larger space could be appealing to your stuff and plants.

Relatives or friend 

Who doesn’t want to save their money? Having someone of your friends and relatives can cut off the charges and labour. But make sure that you are in the spacious truck to avoid breakage and scratch-free moving.

Moving to a new place could be fascinating and rejuvenating. But it’s burdensome too, that you need to pack stuff and plants to transport them without any damage. You can select any option to move them and pack them in your accordance. If you still face any issues regarding the moving of your plants, don’t forget to check out. 

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