Tips To Purchase The Best Power Lift Recliner

Power lift recliners for the elderly are the ideal pick for seniors with mobility issues. It has been constructed in a way to assist them to enjoy the experience of a recliner. Elderly people are of the opinion that sitting and getting off a recliner is a hardship, but with the power lift recliner in place, it can be done seamlessly and without any assistance. It is a highly recommended variant but it is important to seek expert advice and gather a few productive tips before purchasing a power lift recliner.

As you scroll through the article, you will be able to gather tips and considerations to be made before buying a power lift recliner.

Effective Tips To Purchase The Best Power Lift Recliner

  1. Consider The Size

Size is the proximate factor that needs to be considered while purchasing a power lift recliner. Investing in the right-sized power lift recliner will help you to reap all the benefits. The height, body fit, leg support, lumbar support, and headrest should sit comfortably to avoid causing any stress. Ensure to check the recliner and use it before you make an actual purchase.

  • Measure The Recliner For Its Dimensions

Choose a corner in your house where you are planning to place your recliner. Measure the dimensions of the place. Ensure that there is enough space for the power lift recliner to recline, incline, and perform without any hardships. Once you have measured the place, the next step is to measure the recliner to check if it goes with the dimensions of the space. If you are unsure about the dimensions, seek help from the retailer or check for the detailed description of buying online.

  • Functionality Matters

The functionality of a power lift recliner varies depending on many factors. Ensure to check them before choosing the recliner. It has to suit your lifestyle and should satisfy the expectations of the user. For instance, some of the Dynox lift chairs are equipped with USB ports, storage pockets, and cup holders. Few offer vibration offers and lumbar support. It is highly recommended to check and clarify your queries on each of these functionalities to ensure their suitability.

  • Choose The Type

There are various types of power lift chairs available in the market such as two-position, three-position, and infinite power lift chairs. Each of these lift recliners differs in their functions. Only two positions can be achieved when you invest in a two-positioned recliner. An infinite-power recliner has two motors that keep the functioning of the footrest and chair separate. Many exclusive types are found in Dynox power lift recliners that will be a perfect addition to your homes for elderly people.

  • Upholstery

Choosing between a leather power lift recliner or a fabric upholstery recliner is a must. A leather power lift recliner varies in texture from a fabric upholstered recliner. It is a tedious factor as it decides the comfort level. Deciding on the upholstery is important as it elevates the entire ambiance of the room. The right color, texture, and shades must be chosen to gain the maximum look and feel of the power lift recliner.

  • Cost

Another factor that needs to be given major importance is the price of the recliner. The cost of the power lift recliner varies on many factors such as the materials used, construction techniques, and functionality. If you are working on a budget, then list out the most suitable options that fall under the price category. Compare them and end up purchasing the most suitable option.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I get a warranty for my power lift recliner?

Yes. Most of the manufacturers offer warranty and guarantee for the motors of the lift chair. Ensure to collect the details of the warranty before you collect the product from the retailer or the online seller.

  • What is the right foot position in a power lift recliner?

Your foot should not be hanging out from the rest. It should be placed on the rest. A smaller portion of the foot coming out is not an issue.

  • Can I use lift chairs if I have back aches?

Yes. You can confidently use lift chairs. It will also help you in recovery and will assist you in accessing the recliner and relishing the experience.


Now you have all the essential information to be understood before buying a power lift recliner. Along with these factors, it is highly recommended to consider your personal expectations from a recliner. It is important to give priority to those factors to get a complete experience from a power lift recliner chair.

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