Tips to Teach Your Grandparents Tech

The dynamic nature of technology needs one to keep up with the changes to avoid intimidation. Many gadgets such as smartphones, smart TV, and others use the latest technology that the young generation is more familiar with. Custom thesis readings can greatly advise that the elderly need to learn how the current technology works. The young people are in the best position to help the older generation enjoy the ease of modern technology as they have the best experience. Here are some tips that can help you teach your elders how to use technology more easily.

  • Avoid condensing

Normally, we all have things that we don’t know. No human is capable of knowing everything. Therefore, do not judge your elders for not knowing how technology works in some areas. Be patient with your grandparent or that elderly friend and respect them. Listen attentively to know areas they need the most help.

  • Taking existing knowledge into account

When you approach your grandparent, they always know something. To make your teaching faster, take time to understand what they know. That out-of-date tech knowledge can be built on easily, making your teaching easy.

  • Taking note of physical limitations

The older users of gadgets face problems with their hearing, eyesight, and dexterity. You cannot compare the speed at which your grandparents follow instructions to your speed. Educate them on features such as voice controls and accessibility features to make their work easier.

  • Explaining yourself

Explaining how some technology works is critical in enabling the elderly to understand how it all works. Do not dismiss any questions asked or give too many simple answers needlessly. Explain the nature of particular technology to make it easy for your grandparents to use that new gadget or application.

  • Encouraging a hands-on approach

To make it easy for your grandparents to understand technology’s working, let them do it themselves. Keep holding back the urge to take over or demonstrating. Be a guiding hand for their hands by providing instructions.

  • Focusing on building confidence

Most older people are afraid of technology, and that is normal. Fear makes you scared of what you don’t understand, and that will be the same feeling with your grandparents. Therefore, you replace the fear in them with confidence that they can learn anything they put their mind to. Make them play freely with any technology to help them learn and explore freely.


Teaching the elderly can be challenging if you do not understand ways to make the learning process easy and bearable. Create a problem-solving mindset in them to help them seek to discover and learn new concepts each day. Keep your teachings relevant to the current technology, and keep in mind that no one is too elderly to learn. Using assignment help online can be a great help with that. Any form of stereotyping is not necessary as it is a myth that older people cannot learn. Show the elderly you are teaching to use the latest technology that it is worth their time and will boost their experience. Above all, remember to use easy terms and avoid jargon tech terms to make them positive for the learning process and make their experience enjoyable.

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