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Learn more about the TNL party’s status the core values, its differentiating from other parties and the policies of this article on the policies of the TNL party..

Did you be aware the fact that TNL is from Australia is a strong supporter of Republicanism, Social liberalism, and Modern Monetary Theory? It is the New Liberals party strongly believes in its fundamental values, its constitution as well as its policies. The purpose to achieve the goals of TNL along with its policies include creating an Australian economy through incentives, establishing a straightforward tax system, and establishing an education system.

As TNL has gained popularity due to its core beliefs and policies. Find out more about TNL’s Party Policies.

About TNL:

TNL was founded in the name of Victor Kline in 2019 and was officially registered on March 17, 2022. TNL developed its policy to promote the truth, regardless of the consequences.

The TNL party is focused specifically on its Job Guarantee Scheme (JGS) that aims to offer employment for people of all ages and JGS will provide decent wages. JGS is a voluntary program. JGS program is a voluntary one, but it provides full-time and permanent work. Individuals can sign up for JGS through TNL’s website. TNL website.

TNL also supports the plan of an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to look into corrupt bureaucrats. This can be found in the Reason Party Policies. The members of the commissioners’ board for ICAC will comprise prominent citizens who are not connected to government officials. Australian government. Trials will be argued by jury , instead of one Judge.

TNL promotes the elimination of CO2 emissions before 2030, by supporting measures to reduce carbon emissions and zero emission technology in key industries. In addition, TNL focuses on forming an official charter of rights, as well as lyrics for the national anthem, limiting the use of mass advertising in politics and limiting politicians to only 12 years, and boosting international aid as well as political contribution transparency, etc.

The TNL website lists 47 policy guidelines listed in the TNL website that are aimed at the developing Australia. Let’s review the policies of TNL below.

Tnl Party Policy are:

  • Work Health and Safety
  • Water Management
  • The Public Service
  • The National Anthem
  • Tax Policy
  • Social Security and Social Justice
  • Small and Medium Business Policy
  • Public Bank Policy
  • Political Donations
  • Parliamentary Salaries and Entitlements
  • Parliamentary Code of Conduct
  • Pandemic Policy
  • National Security
  • Media and Communications Policy
  • Limited Parliamentary Terms
  • LGBTQ+ Policy
  • Law and Justice
  • Koala Connectivity Strategy
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Homelessness
  • Employment and Work Relations
  • Hydrogen and Electric Vehicles Policy
  • Election Preferencing
  • Education
  • Economic Policy
  • Domestic Violence
  • Disability Policy
  • Digital Justice Strategy
  • The Tnl Policy of the Party Help Universities interact with Industry
  • Constitutional Reform
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Bill of Rights
  • Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Other Immigrants
  • Arts Policy
  • Wisdom Retention and Anti-Ageism
  • Animal Welfare
  • Affordable Housing
  • A Job Guarantee Scheme
  • Action on Corruption
  • Action on Climate Change and another

Note that the information above are based upon internet data. We are not supporting or promoting any political organization or.


TNL’s policies have become popular. TNL policy gained popularity because they’d stated that they don’t seek the presidency; they focus on the long-term growth of the nation , not simply focusing on elections. TNL Party Policies and its candidates have practical experience, unlike novice politicians, TNL will not trade any favors for donations, and is aiming to heal the wounds caused by political parties in the past a few years.

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