Top 08 Adventure Games For Your Smartphone/PC And Tablet

If you’re looking for an engaging game to play on your smartphone or tablet, look no further. These are the top 10 adventure games for your device of choice in 2022. From indie games to AAA titles, these games will keep you entertained and enthralled from start to finish.

Adventure games are all the rage these days, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. They’re an inexpensive, portable way to get yourself in touch with your adventurous side, and a great way to take a break from the chaos of modern life. If you’re in need of some new adventure games for your smartphone or tablet, here are ten that you should consider playing right now.

Stormfall: Saga of Survival

Stormfall: Saga of Survival is the latest and greatest title in the Stormfall series, which also includes games like X Rebirth. You can become a member of an archer or warrior’s guild by earning reputation, ranking up as you complete quests for your fellow members until you reach prestigious levels. Build your shelter, customize it and fight with monsters, beasts and exiles to secure yourself. The game is very popular on Google play store. 

Zoo 2: Animal Park

Zoo 2: Animal Park is a popular, addictive game on Google play store. Set in the zoo you can design your own character from scratch and then unlock new characters as you progress through each step of the quest line for more quests which will earn more money to buy memberships for different organizations working at the circus or those that help raise money for it. You have access to four completely unique species; The Bison, Lion- Coated Bear, Deer Troine and the Jaguar. Your role in the will be as a director of the Zoo. You have to take care of all animals like tigers, Giraffes, elephants and much more. Beautify your ZOO at your best. Breeding the baby animals, take part in Zoo events and expand your Zoo. I recommend this game for children. 

Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is a fantastic game for Google play store as it has a great depth and story line. Your mission in this amazing action adventure quest is protect the imaginary kingdom named kanterbury and secure the princess from invaders attacks. in danger of being destroyed by several strong rivals. There are countless quests to complete alone or with other players you can either hire or become their friend until they became your “ally”, which will show up on the top left corner of your screen while you are in the game with them. Exit quests in order to collect small and big rewards or take your time play by playing, spend some of those golds you got from quests shopping around town. Even though there are many opportunities to unlock other weapons and armour but that is all up for you to decide after reaching higher levels. You can also play fully unlocked Guardian Tales Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems) version.


Witch Spring 4 is a great action adventure puzzle challenge game. Your job as the witch who is now the queen of an entire globe. Players go across the planet, interact with different characters, and complete multiple tasks. It’s an unexpectedly enjoyable RPG from a Korean developer with a considerably wider following than elsewhere in the world. The series consists of four games in total. The first two games recount the same tale from different points of view, while the 3rd and 4th games are stand-alone entries that may be played without having played the others. The games range in price from $1.99 to $4.99 and are all rather enjoyable.

Sky: Children of the Light

Based Westward is a game absolutely based on the ancient Asian mythologies. Sky: Children of the Light, however, not only offer you to try out adventures and missions in an original world entirely designed by this company. Discover the mysteries of the stars by travelling across seven surreal regions. Instead it also gives you access to some great games such as space combat or arena battle -all shows that do justice in escapade your imagination want so much! You will be stationed alone at first, but after starting to play you will be inspired to pledge your support when it’s needed. This is the moment that begins in this game. The idea of a certain creature saving earth by striking at the planet with huge waves, wind and earthquakes is very real in this world!

Pokemon Go

Among the most dramatic adventure games is Pokemon Go. You be out in the physical world to collect Pokemon, battle in Gyms, scavenge at Poke Locations, and more. In this title, the adventuring component is somewhat more explicit than elsewhere. It does necessitate you going someplace on your own and playing the game there. Imagine yourself already playing Far Cry 4 or Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 but moving around being able to see life before making an attack? That sounds like brilliant! Pokemon Go is a fantastic game that is right now spreading over the world and looks forward to this way.

Genshin Impact

Genshin impact is a game where you will experience the world through two different points of views. This means that whilst hunting for your targets, at times you will be in stealth mode camouflaged and poking from behind bushes with your rifle. What more do we need? It reminds me a lot of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Players are given a large, open environment to discover as well as a variety of tasks and activities to complete. Perhaps armor or some powerful weapons like grenade launchers to make this interesting title even better! The Genshin game offers up fun multiplayer modes such as capture events and escape the ocean. Therefore you will have the chance to play with your friends and compete in time competition or maybe just some fast action together. There is an effective purchasing RPG element to the first one, but many of the players are obtained through missions instead of arbitrary calls, which lends some colour to the game. It feels decent, the mechanics are great, and you’ll be having a lot of fun with this one.


A different kind of gameplay is present in Oddmar. It is a fun adventure blaster developed by the same team behind Leo’s Fortune. You take on the role of a beleaguered Warrior looking to reclaim his dignity. In order to accomplish so, you must travel across the game globe. Easy gameplay, superb mechanics, and great platforming elements distinguish this game. It also has mechanical controller compatibility, Google Play Games online storage, and the ability to play offline when all of data has been collected. With only 24 stages, the game is a little small, but every stage has a three – star grading policy to enable repetitive gameplay. You get a taste of the gameplay for free before having to pay $4.49 for the entire. 

Blog Conclusion: 

After all mentioned above games are not just about giving players some engaging experience but also offering at first sight fun to everyone. 

There are a plethora of excellent adventure games available, and they’re growing better all the time. Whether you want to spend your time solving puzzles or exploring the unknown, here are some of the best adventure games for your device of choice. Check out most updated adventure and many other games and Apps with premium features from this website. What’s your favorite adventure game? Let us know in the comments below. 

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