Top 10 Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tips for Lawyers

The legal field is a regulated one, meaning lawyers cannot engage in some marketing strategies and tactics like other unregulated fields. However, lawyer marketing is essential for running a successful law firm. As a lawyer looking to generate more leads and clients, knowing the most effective yet ethical marketing strategies can set you apart from others. In this article, we will be touching on the important and cost-effective marketing tips for lawyers.

Cost-Effective Guide To Lawyer Marketing 

Having searched the internet and tested strategies, below are some cost-effective solutions to your legal marketing needs.

Write Blogs

When it comes to marketing in the legal world, you need to aim for the average person. Most law firms make the mistake of writing for their fellow lawyers. But the truth is, your target audience is the average person using the internet and searching for legal help. Make sure that your blogs break complex concepts into simple, bite-sized bits for the readers.

Internet users are more likely to choose you when they get value from you. Use your blogs to establish value and connection and watch your leads increase.

Save Your Holiday Cards

Many lawyers choose the traditional marketing strategy of sending holiday cards to clients and potential customers. Safe to say that your card will go into the pile of other cards. A good way to make a lasting impression is to choose a special day, preferably a mini holiday or birthday, to send a card to your client. This shows that they aren’t just another case number or file at your law firm.

Remember that customers are more likely to stick with a service provider that cares about them. Show your clients that you care.

Collect Business Cards

Many lawyers are fond of leaving their business cards with clients as a marketing strategy. Although “call me when in trouble” is a catchy line, you’re leaving everything in the hands of the potential client. Scale things up a notch by collecting their business cards or contact information. Doing this gives you the power to retarget those clients later. In fact, you can send an introductory email or message to them, creating a speed dial for them to reach you when in trouble.

Social Media is Your Friend

As a lawyer, most of your audience is on social media. Your social media page also allows you to add personality to your practice. Clients are more likely to choose a brand or business they find relatable. Your social media pages could be used to share legal information in an easy-to-understand way. You could also use it as a reception to generate more leads for your business. Identify where your audience is and go there.

Build Professional Relationships with Other Lawyers

Human relationship is one of the best marketing strategies you can leverage. Building professional relationships with other lawyers outside of your practice area can help as a lawyer. This relationship can be mutually beneficial when you refer clients to them, and they do the same. For example, a family lawyer can establish professional relationships with a business lawyer, employment lawyer, criminal lawyer, etc. The chances are high that these lawyers may recommend them to their clients going through a divorce or needing estate planning services.

Offer Legal Experience at Corporate Events

Speaking at events and sharing your insights can help you make a lasting impression on listeners’ minds. This is a perfect way to sell yourself as an individual and your services as a lawyer. Turning down events where you can speak can hurt your marketing chances now and in the future.

Belong to professional bodies

Professional bodies and associations create a sense of family and belonging. In fact, more clients are interested in lawyers who belong to prestigious legal associations. Belonging to relevant organizations and associations can help you to establish confidence and trust in the minds of potential clients.

Volunteer and Contribute to Your Local Community

Volunteering and community support are two important ways you can give back and establish yourself in the community you serve. Think of it as free PR for the help you’re rendering to the community and its residents. You can organize a scholarship, donate to local charities, and more.

Use Local Media 

Your local media has more power than you can imagine. You can leverage it to boost your business visibility offline. Posting op-eds and offering legal advice in local magazines or newspapers or hosting a legal talk show can significantly boost awareness about your law firm and its practice areas.

Teach a Course

Teaching a course during the summer or at night classes can help you to market your skills as a lawyer. The more people you teach, the more people they’re likely to bring to you for legal help when trouble arises. It also gives your law firm or legal practice the visibility it needs.

The ten tips above can help you to effectively scale your small legal practice, establish local relevance and visibility, and also generate more leads. Try them out from today.

Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commissions. He is a graduate of Middlebury College. Email:[email protected]

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