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Top 10 Simple SEO Techniques That Will Drive Organic Growth to Your Website

When starting out with a digital business, it can be difficult to generate Organic traffic and many struggle with this challenge. In this blog, you will learn that just by employing simple UX techniques and collaborating with SEO services in Delhi, you can immediately see a remarkable improvement in driving user engagement. 

Schema Markup

When you’re looking for something in a search engine, you might have seen spaces where related queries or photos are auto clicker & auto-generated by the search provider. You might have seen additional information under the result headings, providing further information about the link.  

This is referred to as Schema markup: structured data that shows additional information about your Website. You can embed a Schema markup in your Website to create an eye-catching and add functional information to attract your visitors. It is one of the most commonly used and effective SEO tools to drive more organic traffic to your Website.

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Heading Tags

Heading tags are the on-page elements that define the subject, headings and subheadings on a website. Heading tags are signified as H1, H2 in HTML elements to help you structure the content on a web page and to help search engines and visitors understand it. You can use heading tags to optimize your Website better using keywords you’re targeting and get better search result ranking.

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Meta tags

Meta tags are used as content snippets that the search engine results page (SERPs) use for clicking purposes. It doesn’t influence the ranking factor, but it is used to evaluate the quality of organic search results. You can use your company’s name, good creative titles to improve the click-through rate(CTR). Find  SEO services in Delhi nearby to help you better optimize for Meta tags.

Meta Descriptions

Meta tags are topical description phrases that you use to explain the search engine to correlate with the keywords used by people to search for information. For example, when searching for a mobile phone, you as a phone seller can put meta descriptions targeting all things a person might search for, like budget smartphone, branded phone, etc.

Meta descriptions don’t affect your Website’s ranking, but they are extremely useful in organic search results and improve click-through rate(CTR). Take a look at SEO services in Delhi nearby to help you better optimize for Meta Descriptions.

Internal Links

Internal linking in the websites incentivize visitors to click on the links to find other articles that are connected to the topic of the article. It boosts time spent on the Website, reduces bounce rate and showcases search engines that there’s organic traffic on the Website. Once you have internally linked all the articles, it can help you have a compound growth.

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Link Anchor Text

It describes links to Search Engine crawlers and helps them to understand the page’s context, ranking. You can put a wide variety of link anchor text to generate organic traffic to your Website.

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Add Elements

You can add a wide variety of elements on your Website to generate organic traffic growth. Some of the elements you can add to your Website are:

  • Images 
  • Text
  • Social media panel
  • Ecommerce
  • Forums

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Move Elements

You can change around the elements in your website page to have an impact on the way a visitor consumes the content. You can optimize your content in collaboration with a User Experience(UX) designer and SEO services in Delhi to create a Page layout which can help you drive organic traffic to your Website.

Delete Elements

Delete all the unnecessary elements that are annoying your visitor or are ineffective in getting users to branch out to other web pages in your Website. You can work with a UX expert and SEO services in Delhi to figure out which elements to delete for removing the bottlenecks in Organic traffic growth.

Image Alt Text

Image alt text is essentially a tag used to describe an image to a Search Engine crawler so that the Website gets properly interpreted and categorized.


You have now learned about all the techniques that can help you optimize your Website; hopefully, it will help you generate organic traffic and make your company a success. 

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